Vids I Dig 268: Whang!: Mysterious Posters in ‘Resident Evil 3’ – Gaming Mysteries

Taken from Justin Whang’s YouTube description: Video games often use assets from other sources as filler, such as the Kindergarten Cop references in Silent Hill and Wikipedia articles in Resident Evil 2. As it turns out, there are similar images present in Resident Evil 3 in the form of promotional images from 90s movies found in the gas station. However, not all of these images have been identified.

Vids I Dig 257: Whang!: You Can’t Play This Game – Tales From the Internet

Taken from Justin Whang’s YouTube description: Moirai was an experimental indie game that took place on a farm. Although it is not “that evil farming game” as some thought, it is a farming game with a mysterious twist. With huge word of mouth support and after massive YouTubers like jacksepticeye and markiplier played it, it becam an unexpected success, becoming the number one game on Steam. The developer had a hard time keeping the servers up to meet demand. But this success story would soon turn sour.

Vids I Dig 221: Whang!: Backyard Wrestlers Vs. Grandma’s Lazyboy – Angelfire Adventures

Taken from Justin Whang’s YouTube description: Backyard Wrestling was a staple of early 2000s Internet culture. Because of the non-existent budgets of these wrestling companies, they made do with what they had, up to and including the living room furniture. In this episode of Angelfire Adventures, I unearth the ruins one such backyard wrestling fed.

Vids I Dig 209: Whang!: The Haunted eBay Painting – Tales From the Internet

Taken from Justin Whang’s YouTube description: Haunted items have been a staple of eBay since the beginning. Mostly famously, in February of 2000, a user named mrnoreserve listed a painting of a young boy and a creepy doll, claiming that the figures leave the painting at night. It was later identified as The Hands Resist Him by Bill Stoneham, which was created the the 70s. This is the story of that painting’s journey to eBay and what’s become of it since.