Vids I Dig 415: Whang!: The ‘Zelda’ Song and Other Mislabeled Napster Files – Tales From the Internet

Taken from Justin Whang’s YouTube description: Napster was home to a lot of files that were mislabeled, yet were so frequently downloaded that everyone knows them. Here’s a look at the “System of a Down” Zelda song, the Kerpal prank call that’s often misattributed to the Jerky Boys, and one person’s attempt to troll the Dir en Grey fanbase.

Vids I Dig 406: Whang!: The Wizard of Gore (1970) – Best Bad Movies

Taken from Justin Whang’s YouTube description: I’ve always been a big fan of movies that are “so bad that they’re good,” and most of my all time favorites of this type of film are by a director named HG Lewis. Here is a look at one of his all time classics, The Wizard of Gore (1970)

Vids I Dig 399: Whang!: Marilyn Manson Had His Ribs Removed to Blow Himself and Other Urban Legends

Taken from Justin Whang’s YouTube description: Marilyn Manson is an artist that’s had a lot of strange rumors about him throughout the years, such as him being Paul from The Wonder Years or him having his ribs removed. Let’s take a look at the history of some of these rumors.

Vids I Dig 375: Whang!: WWE Attitude Era Censorship

Taken from Justin Whang’s YouTube description: During the late 90s, WWF’s programming grew more mature with the Attitude Era. Although this greatly improved ratings, it drew the attention of the Parents Television Council, an organization that would try to get their advertisers to leave through a letter writing campaign. It backfired spectacularly.

Vids I Dig 363: Whang!: Was ‘Indiana Jones’ Changed After Release? – Lost Media

Taken from Justin Whang’s YouTube description: The ending of Indiana Jones: The Kingdom of the Crystal skull is different from how people remember it. Many recall Indy saying “In Your Dreams Kid”as he takes his hat back from Shia Labeouf’s character, Mutt, but the line is not there. Is this a case of the Mandela effect, or was it edited quickly after release?

Vids I Dig 323: Whang!: The Rise and Fall of YTMND – Tales From the Internet

Taken from Justin Whang’s YouTube description: YTMND was a website that played a very important role in Internet history and meme culture, bridging the gap between web 1.0 and web 2.0. Although its sound plus image plus text format was very simple, the creative ways people could make more complex ytmnd sites was endless. Its creator, Max Goldberg, was also an early advocate of online free speech, often pushing back against companies that would try to get content removed from the site, citing fair use because most people online knew what that meant. He even got into some early Internet drama with Saved by the Bell’s Dustin Diamond, who was not a fan of a parody website he made that led to the announcement of YTMND.