Vids I Dig 231: Toy Galaxy: The Crazy Bizarre History of ‘Max Headroom’: TV Star, Icon, Pitch Man, Pirate

From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description: On this episode we attempt to cover the crazy, bizarre history of Max Headroom.

For his conception as a character introducing music videos to his own TV movie, to Coca-Cola spokesperson to gone in just a few years.

His legacy as a instrument of political commentary may be more relevant than ever.

Vids I Dig 219: Toy Galaxy: The History of ‘Starriors’ and the Lost Animated Series

From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description: Starriors was introduced in the United States as a sort of spin-off to the long running Zoids toyline and barely make a blip on the pop culture landscape before disappearing. But there is some evidence that there was an animated series in the works.

Vids I Dig 207: Toy Galaxy: Porkchop Sandwiches!: The History of the ‘G.I. Joe’ PSA Parodies

From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description: Where were you when you first heard the term Porkchop Sandwiches?

One of the first viral video sensations on the internet holds a place close to our heart because it involves GI Joe. Back in the early 2000’s a bunch of re-edits of original GI Joe cartoon PSA’s were uploaded to the internet and they got a lot of attention.

Vids I Dig 193: Toy Galaxy: The History of ‘Defenders of the Earth’: A Barely Remembered Superhero Team-Up

From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description: Among the deluge of pop culture properties in 1986 was the barely remembered Defenders of the Earth, bringing together Mandrake the Magician, The Phantom and Flash Gordon to battle Ming the Merciless.

Vids I Dig 147: Toy Galaxy: The History of Mattel’s Marvel ‘Secret Wars’

From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description: We dive into toy history and present Mattel’s Marvel Secret Wars.

Back in the early ’80s Marvel Secret Wars by Mattel came and went pretty quickly. But it did leave quite an impression with it’s sometimes weird choice of characters from wave to wave and interesting play gimmicks.