Vids I Dig 062: Toy Galaxy: The History of ‘Robotech’ (In 4 Parts)

From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description (Part 1: Harmony Gold & The Birth of ‘Robotech’): On this episode we dive into the very messy history of Robotech.

A mash-up of 3 different Japanese animated shows imported to the US at a time when Transformers were just rolling out and Hasbro was looking to license any robots they could find, this caused some problems for Harmony Gold, the company behind Robotech.

From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description (Part 2: The Movie, A Lawsuit & Government Trouble): Picking up where Volume 1 left off this is the History of Robotech volume 2.

This episode covers Harmony Gold’s efforts to get a Robotech movie into theaters with the help of Cannon Films and their efforts to create a season 2 of Robotech with all new animation.

Unfortunately, the governments of the world didn’t care about any of that.

From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description (Part 3: Games, Comics & Licensing Nonsense): It’s the history of Robotech volume 3 as we continue on.

Harmony Gold starts to really enforce its license and Dan explores the Robotech RPG, all of the Robotech comics from all of the various publishers and the series of Robotech novels and talks about where they fit in the larger Robotech canon.

From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description (Part 4: Lots of Lawsuits, Failed Kickstarters & the Future): The history of Robotech is very complicated. It is littered with failed projects, like Robotech Academy, Mars Force and Palladium Book Robotech RPG Tactics, and lots of lawsuits.

Lawsuits involving Battletech, Piranha Games, Hairbrained Schemes, Hasbro and more.

And a confusing spaghetti of rights involving Harmony Gold, Tatsunoko, Big West, Studio Nue, Battletech, Hasbro and others.

We do our best to tell that story.

Vids I Dig 050: Toy Galaxy: The History of the ‘GoBots’

From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description: People don’t generally remember who finished second place but with transforming alien robot toys that just isn’t the case. This is the history of the GoBots.

Sure, Transformers finished in a distant first place in pop culture but in this case plenty of people are still big fans of the second place finisher.

Vids I Dig 041: Toy Galaxy: The History of ‘Dino-Riders’: The Toyline That (Sort of) Made It To The Smithsonian

From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description: Kids love dinosaurs and kids love war. Put them together and you get Dino-Riders.

It was supposed to be huge with a full out marketing and merchandising blitz with tons of intricately sculpted toys but it failed after just one season and 14 episodes.

But that sculpting work did have a second and third life. This is the history of Dino-Riders.

Vids I Dig 034: Toy Galaxy: The Tragedies & Triumphs in the History of ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description: Dungeons & Dragons, the most successful RPG of all time, has seen many tragedies and triumphs over it’s long history, including being in the middle of the Satanic Panic in the 1980s, to now be part of pop culture and as popular as ever. From Gary Gygax and TSR through Mazes and Monsters and it’s (sort of) use in such shows as Community and Stranger Things.

Vids I Dig 026: Toy Galaxy: The History of ‘Visionaries’: The Hologram Gimmick Didn’t Sell

From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description: On this episode we cover the history of the Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light.

Released by Hasbro in 1987 their play gimmick was holograms. With a comic book series from Marvel and an animated series what could go wrong? Plenty.

While Visionaries didn’t sell in 1987 the property has been sitting on the edge of resurrection for a number of years, including a new comic and maybe a new movie.

Vids I Dig 019: Toy Galaxy: The History and Controversy of ‘Captain Power’

From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description: On this episode we cover the history of Captain Power and the controversy surrounding it’s initial run in 1988.

Born from the ashes that were the Masters of the Universe movie and married to advanced light gun technology, it was a show aimed at kids and adults that struggled to get either on board.

Rising from the ashes again with a reboot planned in 2016, legal troubles have derailed those plans.

Vids I Dig 012: Toy Galaxy: The History of ‘Inhumanoids’: The Monsters Get Top Billing

From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description: Inhumanoids was a 1986 cartoon and toy line created by Hasbro that lasted only a single season.

Unique because the title characters were the bad guys, the Inhumanoids, and not the good guys, the Earth Corps (bunch of nerds).

There was a line of large action figures and the stories in the cartoon were serialized so it had a lot going for it but not enough for it to break through the glut of ’80s properties.