Vids I Dig 199: Yesterworld: A Star Tours Story – The History of Disney’s Abandoned ‘Star Wars’ Attraction

From Yesterworld’s YouTube description: Explore the history of Disney’s Star Tours and how it became Star Tours The Adventures Continue. We also explore the unrealized & cancelled versions of one of the Disney parks most beloved Star Wars attraction!

Vids I Dig 192: Defunctland: The History of ExtraTERRORestrial: Alien Encounter

From Defunctland’s YouTube description: Hey everyone, A LOT has changed since this video. On top of the production improving, my team and I have vastly improved our citations and crediting. I apologize for the lack of sources listed in this video and many of the others. We have improved this practice and take properly citing photo and video sources extremely seriously. Thank you for your understanding.

Vids I Dig 186: Yesterworld: 7 Abandoned Christmas Theme Park Attractions, Overlays & Events

From Yesterworld’s YouTube description: Explore 7 Abandoned Disneyland, Disney World, Universal Studios & More Theme Park Christmas Overlays and attractions. From Hollywood Studios Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, to Frozen Fever: Olaf’s Snow Fest, Universal Studios “Christmas” King Kong Encounter, and Knott’s Berry Farm Christmas Elf Mountain.

Vids I Dig 179: Defunctland: The Failure of Hong Kong Disneyland

From Defunctland’s YouTube description: In the Season Two finale of Defunctland, Kevin ends his Michael Eisner saga with his final years at the company, overseeing the development, construction, and opening of Disney’s smallest and worst-performing Magic Kingdom, Hong Kong Disneyland.

Vids I Dig 171: Yesterworld: The History of Disneyland’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ – The Abandoned and Unbuilt Attractions

From Yesterworld’s YouTube description: Explore the History of the Unbuilt & Original Versions of Disneyland’s Alice in Wonderland dark ride. A deep dive into the ride’s drastic evolution over the years as the only Fantasyland attraction that hasn’t been duplicated is exclusive to Disneyland.

Vids I Dig 164: Defunctland: Walt Disney’s Childhood Amusement Park, Electric Park

From Defunctland’s YouTube description: In this episode, Kevin discusses the history of Walt Disney’s childhood amusement park, Kansas City’s Electric Park and all of its attractions, including Hale’s Tours of the World, the Loop the Loop Coaster, and Alligator Joe.