Vids I Dig 352: The Attic Dwellers: ’80s Movies We Haven’t Watched Since Childhood

From The Attic Dwellers’ YouTube description: Tig & Eric binge a handful of their favorite 80s movies, most of which they haven’t seen since childhood. The Beastmaster, The Black Hole, The Last Starfighter, The Secret of NIMH, Time Bandits, Ice Pirates, and MORE!

Vids I Dig 258: The Attic Dwellers: Who’s the Biggest Jerk In Movie History?

From The Attic Dwellers’ YouTube description: Who’s The Biggest Jerk in Movie History? Bif? Momma Fratelli? Walter Peck? Jenny from Forrest Gump? We discuss that while working on a puzzle – and also discover an alien autopsy doll in Eric’s attic. So of course we had to mess with that too….