Vids I Dig 234: The Attic Dwellers: Magic Tricks & Magic Talk in the Attic

From The Attic Dwellers’ YouTube description: Eric shows off his magic skills, then we slip into conversations about our favorite magicians and some of our not so favorite magicians. Penn & Teller, Chriss Angel, David Copperfield, and more! In the 80s, magic specials were all the rage! And some of the most iconic magicians came out of that decade.

Vids I Dig 210: The Attic Dwellers: Eating Fries at 10 Fast Food Places!

From The Attic Dwellers’ YouTube description: The attic is too hot, so we decided to venture out and stop at 10 fast food chains and get some fries. Top 10 fast food fries! Some fries are great. Some fries, not so much. Wendys Fries – Burger King Fries – McDonalds Fries – Checkers / Rallys Fries – Taco Bell Fries! – Roy Rogers Fries! – Popeye Fries! – White Castle Fries – KFC Fries – Chik Fil A and More!

Vids I Dig 183: The Attic Dwellers: ‘Rad’ the Movie – ‘G.I. Joe’ Comics

From The Attic Dwellers’ YouTube description: THIS WEEK: Tig & Eric discuss The Movie RAD with Brainy Brian – Check Out Eric’s Awesome G.I. Joe Comic Collection – Who is the Phantom Slide Whistler? – He Man Review Trailer from What Were You Watching – Enjoy the Blood & Gourd Comic Trailer – Strange Muses from Chris Lundy’s Brain & MORE!!!