Talking Pulp Update (10/22/2020): It’s Almost Halloween! So Let’s Bring the Horror! (and an Update on Talking Pulp’s Lack of Future)

Saturday begins Talking Pulp’s nine day celebration of Halloween. It is also the big grand finale of the site at its current rate of output. That being said, there will be a lot of content from Saturday, October 24th through Sunday, November 1st, because we’ve watched a lot of horror to celebrate the month (yes, month) of Halloween, as well as to go out with a big ass bang before content slows down significantly.

In the last few site updates I’ve discussed Talking Pulp winding down. That day draws even closer now.

I’m not sure how much I’ll write in the future but life is taking me in other directions. Additionally, this site requires a lot of time that I just don’t have, as it isn’t in any way a financial benefit and I’d rather make more money working on new things than continue on with a hobby that has become a second full-time job that my OCD can’t seem to deprioritize over other productive pursuits that would be a better use of my time and effort.

I still plan to write things but I’m no longer going to hold myself to a schedule and a general framework. This was always supposed to be a hobby and more of a reference for myself with the possibility of using material written here for new books. I still may compile some things into different books that I’ve had planned out in my head for awhile.

I’ll most likely give another update, as we get closer to the end and I have more of an idea of what’s next.

For now, look forward to more content than usual, as I try to go out with a bang, celebrating my favorite holiday.

Talking Pulp Update (10/8/2020): Blogging Ragnarök – The End Is Nigh For Talking Pulp

After my last pretty pissy update, not much has changed.

While I have found a way to edit in the Classic Editor, WordPress is still giving me serious issues when simply trying to create or edit posts, even though I’m the only user on this site and by default, the administrator.

Needless to say, the workaround with the Classic Editor will only be a temporary thing, anyway, as they seem pretty gung ho about phasing it out completely, even as a premium plugin. In fact, the plugin won’t be supported by the end of 2021.


My motivation to write or even give a shit is pretty nil. While I still have posts scheduled out for a few weeks, by the end of October, I’ll probably be done with this platform because it’s evolving like all tech/social platforms do in that it’s becoming less user friendly and more complicated, as a result of it going minimalistic.

Also, this is just a hobby. I never made this as a tool for income. Had it grown to a certain size, I may have but that was never the end goal. I’ve been down that road with other blogs and once shit gets monetized, it monopolizes your life. That is, if you want to continually make money and hope to see it grow. And frankly, money in blogging sucks and is never enough.

I had three goals with this site when I started it in November of 2016. I’ve outlined them before but here they are again:

  1. Review every film ever featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  2. Review every film from every major franchise or film series that I’m interested in (and some I’m not).
  3. Draw attention to lesser-known films that deserve more recognition.

Well, I’ve finished number one, I’m nearly done with number two and there will always be interesting older movies that I’ll discover, as time goes on, which makes completing number three an impossibility.

To be honest, the timing of WordPress turning to shit couldn’t have been better. I was already thinking about winding this down or posting a lot less frequently. My life has been changing and I need more time dedicated to the things that will take me to another level financially and professionally. This does, to a fairly large degree, take away from that due to how much time I put into Talking Pulp.

Truthfully, I don’t want to completely kill it. I want to keep it around for the occasional post or update. When new films come out in franchises I love, I’d still like to review them.

However, my free time has been minimal and professionally, I’m in a creative vacuum, which also effects this site, which actually used to boost my creativity because it allowed me to shift from doing art to writing and thus, helped refill the creative well in my brain.

I also have some side hustles that take up more of my time but I can’t turn my back on them because they make money, damn good money.

The era of pumping out four-to-six posts per day is coming to an end. In the future, posts may be as far as a few weeks apart or even months. I guess it all depends on my schedule, my motivation and whether or not I want to use this platform when they fully force their changes on me.

I guess only time will tell but I’ll probably give a more final update when my cache of scheduled posts run out in three or four weeks.

Talking Pulp Update (10/2/2020): Fuck Your Editor, WordPress

So, I guess the time has finally come where WordPress is forcing its fucking awful block editor on me. It’s absolute shit, looks like shit and is so minimalistic and wonky it reminds me of my last alcoholic ex-girlfriend.

Also, now it is saying I am “not allowed to edit this post.” Yet, I’m the admin and the only user on this site. Whatever. I guess if you are reading this, I was at least able to post it. But this interface is such a fucking mess that my eyes hurt just typing this rant.

What happened to style, to nuance, to beauty, to choices and customer satisfaction? Tech companies don’t give a shit. They’re business model is all about, “Look at our cool new shit!!! Don’t you love our cool new shit?!!!” *no answer* “Ah, well, whatever… you’ll get used to it. Oh, by the way, once you do, we’ll just pull the rug out from under you because… Look at our cool new shit!!!”

I’ve been a premium member across multiple blogs for at least a decade and a half. To go back to the classic style editor, I need to download and install a plugin. However, I’m only allowed to do that if I upgrade to a business account. Well, this isn’t a fucking business and I’m already paying a lot for the type of account I have.

Furthermore, the classic editor, even as a plugin, will no longer be supported by the end of 2021. So I’m not going to pay hundreds for a temporary fix when WordPress could just allow us the option we’ve always had of using the classic editor.

But hey, I was seriously considering slowing down with Talking Pulp because I’ve now achieved two of the three major goals I had for it and the third goal isn’t really one I can complete.

If anything, I guess this horseshit helped make my decision easier. While I do have content scheduled out till almost the end of October, that might be it for me. Unless, there is some satisfactory resolution to these issues.

However, if I’m having difficulty just posting this, let alone saving drafts as I type, what’s the fucking point?

I’ve been a loyal WordPress user since the mid-’00s, using it for personal blogs, business websites and many other side projects and side hustles. But I guess in the end, it’s the snot-nosed, Silicon Valley dweebs that will shape the world in their lame, sterile, unimaginative image.

Talking Pulp Update (8/17/2020): My 2000th Film Review! …and the Future

Well, it’s less than 48 hours away from the scheduled posting of my milestone 2000th film review! I’ve also got something special planned for my 2001st, which should be obvious by it being that number.

Anyway, I’ve written a lot of film reviews. Not as many as Roger Ebert or Leonard Maltin but definitely 2000 more than my cousin, Randy Jr.!

I’ve also got posts scheduled out till late September because I’m ridiculously ahead of my normal schedule. Pre-COVID, I used to try and stay a week ahead. Now I’m like 5-6 weeks ahead.

Point being, and I’ve said this before, I’m fucking tired. I’m also burnt out. I’ve also covered just about every major thing I’ve ever wanted to review except for some films that many consider classics that I haven’t gotten around to yet.

Sorry, some of those movies are ungodly long (I’m looking at you Gone With the Wind) and I have shit to do like laundry, giving money to strippers and going to comic shops to waste money on crap like Welcome Back, Kotter and ALF comics.

Initially, I had three goals with Talking Pulp.

  1. Review every film ever featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  2. Review every film from every major franchise or film series that I’m interested in (and some I’m not).
  3. Draw attention to lesser-known films that deserve more recognition.

Well, I’ve finished number one, I’m nearly done with number two and there will always be interesting older movies that I’ll discover, as time goes on, which makes completing number three an impossibility.

So I’m at a crossroads.

Do I pack it up and move on? Do I come up with new objectives for Talking Pulp? Or do I just go on a long vacation, mentally recharge and decide later since so much shit is already scheduled out?

I’m probably going with the last option.

I’ve still got some posts I’m working on, as I watched a lot of movies this past weekend with my ex, who needed a place to crash and be all emo. Which, typically means coming over and bugging me while I’m trying to watch movies or build cool shit in Conan Exiles.

She’s lovely, she really is. I’m just being insensitive because she made me drink the rest of the wine after I emptied out everything on the bourbon shelf.

Moral of the story, I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing but I guess I should take some time to figure it out. Being that I also have other projects that could equate to a lot of money, which this website never will, they may have to take priority. I need money for more shitty comics that are worthless and Bianca at Teasers will only act like she likes me if I give her cash.

I should also actually start getting my shit together on YouTube, as blogging and Twitter are dying. People don’t want to read. Hell, I’m just talking to myself by this point in the post.

With that being said, I’ll sign off with a bit of advice from the always inspirational and motivating Mr. T.

Drink your school! Stay in drugs! And don’t do milk!

Talking Pulp Update (7/31/2020): My Brain Is Poop; My Body Is Pooper

It’s still July but I’ve got posts scheduled out into September, that’s how far ahead of schedule I’ve been thanks to COVIDMANIA runnin’ wild on Earth.

That being said, I’m really burnt out and I’ve sort of been in a vegetative state the last several days. I feel like this state may continue through the weekend and into the foreseeable future beyond that. But since I’m so far ahead, content may not be disrupted by the time I find my mojo and drive again.

However, and I’ve said this before, I need to slow down my output. What my output will be, I’m not sure yet.

As I said last update, my comic is written. I’ve got to figure out what to do with it next. It’s 96 pages and I’m thinking that I need to break it up or whittle it down.

I’ve also got ideas for other things I want to work on that should probably require more of my time and brainpower, as this site makes no money and these other projects could potentially make a lot of money.

So that’s basically it. If something does indeed change drastically, I’ll give another update.

For now, I’m going to go bury my head in a barrel of something 80+ proof and I’m only planning on coming back up after I lose my vision.

It’d be nice if the Key West strip clubs were fully operational and shit there was back to normal but I guess I should just go apologize to my ex-girlfriend and ride that out again for a few months until her mother starts complaining about my body hair clogging up the shower drain again.

You know, bears have feelings too, Mrs. Wilde!

Talking Pulp Update (5/14/2020): The Comic Book Script Is Done!

Well, one big thing I’ve been talking about for awhile is writing a comic book script. I’ve had several ideas and I want to flesh out many of them but in a drunken stupor, a new idea popped into my head and I wrote the first issue in the middle of the night.

I was surprised to find it on my laptop the next morning, as I was nursing a hangover and had forgotten about how hard I plugged away, while drunk on wine, bourbon and feeling a nice sensation from some special macaroons.

What I discovered, early the next morning, was that I really liked the story and it was actually a sequel to one of the previous ideas I had. But it was much more than that, as it went in new, unforeseen directions and it was well balanced between action, comedy and a nice mixture of really cool shit. I liked the big twist ending and upon reading it, I immediately started typing the second issue.

After just a few days, the first draft was done and I had about four standard size issues, coming in at 96 pages total. While it’s just a first draft, I’m really happy with it and doubt I’ll change much. Sure, it needs some fine tuning and I need to re-read it for plot holes and whatnot but it’s not often that I’m this happy with something I wrote in the realm of fiction.

So I’m going to spend the next week reworking it and trying to improve upon it. But I guess the next step is trying to find an artist, which will probably be the most difficult part of the process.

Being over a month ahead of schedule on Talking Pulp actually opened up a lot more free time and I guess I have to thank The ‘Rona for putting the world on pause and giving me more time to be creatively productive.

As this progresses, I’ll probably make mention of it in future site updates.

Talking Pulp Update (5/5/2020): So Much Free Time, So Much Content

It’s Cinco de Mayo, so I guess enjoy your cheap Mexican lager and tacos in your own house because there is still a damn pandemic going on.

A month and a half ago when this COVID-19 bullshit hit my area hard and things started shutting down, I wrote a site update that things on Talking Pulp should be fairly normal.

Well, things have been better than normal, as I’ve had a lot of free time to watch a fuck ton of movies and review them. So I actually have content written and scheduled out for well over a month. In fact, I’ve doubled down on movie reviews and you’ll see more posts than normal once those start cycling in, in another week or so.

I’ve also caught up on the majority of the films I missed in 2019 because I mostly stopped going to theaters before the coronavirus made that cool. Not because I don’t like movies on the big screen but because I hate people in theaters; they ruin the experience.

Anyway, I figured I’d just mention that we’re still going strong here, even if the rest of the world closed up shop, embraced fascism and stopped caring about the health of the economy over the health of a small percentage of people. But whatever, people (pussies) get really butt hurt about that shit, so I digress.

Well, I guess I’ll go back to watching movies, writing, working out and practicing my battleaxe skills to Dokken turned up to 11.

All I really want today is a monster chimichanga. Thanks for making that difficult, world!

Talking Pulp Update (3/23/2020): Things Should Flow Fairly Normally, Here

I wrote about the situation in the world last week, see here.

But I also wanted to give an update about Talking Pulp, itself, during this pandemic craziness.

As far as content goes, I’ve written and scheduled posts for more than three weeks out. They will be posted at the current rate that I’ve been putting stuff out since the start of 2020.

Additionally, I currently still have to work at the real job but my free time is going to be spent indoors, more so than normal. Because of this, I may actually be able to produce more content, as I’ll have nothing to do but sit on my ass while the world tries to sort itself out beyond my barbarian cave.

I have bought a couple video games that I’ve wanted to play for awhile but having the time to play through lengthy modern games hasn’t been a luxury, as of late. Well, that’s changed. Now it looks like I’ll be able to catch up on that stuff.

Granted, I may just re-immerse myself in Conan: Exiles for a month again, as I could live and build in that game for months on end without interruption (other than hunger and sex).

So I don’t expect much to change with Talking Pulp. I may even spend time writing more than normal, as there are some article ideas I wanted to tackle but haven’t had the time to do so.

If anything changes, I’ll post another site update.

In the meantime, stay safe, don’t be an asshole and help humanity get through this quicker, instead of being a selfish dipshit that kills Boomers because of YOLO. I’m specifically talking to you Millennials that think you’re invincible yet don’t have the armor to protect yourselves from minor jabs or light criticism.

Talking Pulp Update (1/1/2020): It’s New Years! So I’m Kind of STILL On Vacation… and Might Even Take a Permanent One

On Christmas, I mentioned that I was on a bit of a vacation and that my posts may slow down. But then I didn’t do much except vegetate, drink and watch movies, so it didn’t slow down too much.

Now it’s New Year’s but I’m still probably not at full strength, so whatever.

Posts might not come as regularly but I’ll still post as I create new content.

However, looking at the bigger picture going forward, I have to focus on a lot of other stuff and since Talking Pulp doesn’t pay any of my bills, I have to re-prioritize some things and the site might have to take a step back, as I sort through some real life shit and what my future needs.

I have a few things I want to accomplish, like finishing up my long ass journey of reviewing every film featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000, which I am very close to doing. Beyond a few goals, though, I may take an extended or potentially permanent break from this site in the very near future. It’s a hell of a lot of work and even though it started out as a hobby, it’s evolved into a non-paying full-time second job that just doesn’t feel as rewarding and fun as it once did.

I feel like blogging is dying, as attention spans shrink and people can only retain clickbait headlines without any real context. I hope the 2020s change this, as we need a cultural renaissance because entertainment and art are dying as well.

But with all that, my drive and motivation to put so much into Talking Pulp is dying as well. I’ve thought about transitioning into YouTube, something I once excelled at but with all the constant Google shenanigans and algorithm alterations, that’s probably a waste of time at this point.

I don’t want to sound like the future is bleak, as we enter a new decade, but if my 2020s are going to be brighter, I might have to say goodbye to something I once loved pretty immensely.

Anyway, Happy f’n New Year! Don’t waste your time with some pointless resolutions that will just lead to your own personal disappointment and just rock on into this new decade with no fucks given.

Talking Pulp Update (12/25/2019): It’s Christmas! So I’m Kind of On Vacation

Being that it is Christmas, I’m taking it easy for the next week. I should be back to normal fairly quickly after New Year’s Day.

I’ll still post but not as frequently because I’m tired, I want to focus on the holidays and my aunt keeps making so much food, it’s hard not to be moderately comatose.

I’ll still probably post daily Vids I Dig stuff, as well as some comic and movie reviews, as I read and watch things this week. But honestly, can’t I just be lazy for once? Haven’t I earned that?

So anyway, I’ll be around but I can’t make any guarantees as to how much.