Talking Pulp Update (9/13/2021): Halloween Week and Thereafter

It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted a site update but I’ve been really ahead on content and the posts I’m writing are scheduled out about a month and a half into the future. Because of that, I lost track of time in regards to what I was scheduling and almost shot passed October without acknowledging the greatest month for horror movies.

So instead of my Halloween celebration, which typically goes on for several weeks, I’m going to be condensing a lot of content to the week of Halloween. Since it falls on a Sunday, I will have posts and reviews that weekend, the previous week and the previous weekend that are horror-centric. I’m also doubling down on the typical level of output, so it will be a week packed full of good shit.

Beyond Halloween, we come to Talking Pulp’s 5th Anniversary at the end of November. I’m also approaching 5000 posts and that’s a pretty significant milestone. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet for that milestone and and upcoming anniversary. However, things may be pretty bleak going forward.

It seems like every year, leading into the final quarter, I start to think about ending this site. Well, I’m now leaning towards that decision stronger than ever.

For one, I already accomplished the goals I set out to accomplish when I first started Talking Pulp, as Cinespiria, back in 2016. So to be frank, I’m less enthused about putting as much work into this as I have for the past half decade.

Additionally, in the modern world, people seem to read less… a lot less. While subscribers and new readers grow, total visits and engagement have tanked. In fact, I used to get a comment or two on every post in the early days, when I got shit for traffic. Now, it’s been months since anyone has commented on anything.

While my mind is not 100 percent made up on this or when I would actually step away, I feel like the end is nigh.

Although, I don’t think I’d just pull the plug and nuke everything. I will most likely leave the site up and at some point, maybe I’ll have the urge to bring it back, full steam. Or, I may just post periodically when I see a new movie or read a new comic that I feel like I need to talk about or put a spotlight on.

I guess we’ll see in the next few months. But for those that still read this site regularly, I figured I’d give you all the heads up.

Talking Pulp Update (3/9/2021): A Bit More Content Coming

I haven’t given an update in awhile, which I guess means that things have been going fairly smoothly.

However, I did cut back the content output at the beginning of the year due to being overworked and burnt out in my real job. Also, time was really scarce and I was working on some other things but also trying to take it easy.

I’m now way ahead on scheduling content. It’s early March but I have posts already written and scheduled out into the first week of May.

Because of that, I feel like I have a bit of a time buffer. So I’m going to bring back weekend posts starting on May 1st. I want to use Saturdays and Sundays to add in some extra film reviews and Vids I Dig posts. I think the general plan for the weekend reviews will just be me trying to work through my multiple streaming queues that have had films languishing there for years.

We’ve all got those movies floating around at the bottom of our queue barrels and it’s way past time that I work towards clearing them out.

Plus, I also have multiple lists I’ve compiled of films I need to cover for Talking Pulp. Between my multiple queues and these expansive lists, I’ve got several hundred if not well over a thousand motion pictures to work through. It’s a huge task and the lists will always grow but I never thought I’d have written 4500 posts/3600 reviews in under five years either.

Ideally, I wish that I could go back to publishing four-to-five posts per day like I was doing at this site’s peak but that’ll just lead to me crashing and burning again.

I need time for the real job, my side hustles and I have a book I need to work on, which I’m passionate about and overwhelmed by at the same time.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Expect weekend posting to return on Saturday, May 1st.

Talking Pulp Update (1/4/2021): New Year Notification Nonsense!

Well, vacation’s over!

I’m back to working a dreadful and inhumane five-day work week for the first time since before Halloween. I’m a fan of four days on and three days off. An extra day of rest actually makes me more productive over four days of work than I typically am over five but whatever.

So I’ve noticed that my notifications don’t seem to pop up all that often and I didn’t see any of them over the course of my ten or so days off. WordPress has continued to suck in new ways for awhile now. So I guess I have to manually check this shit from now on, assuming I’ll remember because I like whiskey and edibles.

If I miss comments or even feedback and messages through the back end, it’s not my fault. I pay for all the premium shit, so WordPress should polish those fucking bells and whistles that the basic plan has, especially for ballers like me dropping extra coin.

Anyway, Happy New Year! Not that it’ll be all that happy thanks to further lockdowns, more restrictions made up as reactionary power grabs on the fly, the complete destruction of small businesses, skyrocketing suicide rates, crybaby “do as your told!” assholes and the continued erosion of personal freedoms! Can’t wait to see what Orwellian bullshit a new administration throws at us! Sorry, I try not to get political on here but life is really damn hard without strippers, buffets and movie theaters.

Oh, yeah… I live in Florida… so, never mind! Hooray me!

Talking Pulp Update (12/25/2020): It’s Christmas Time! So I’m Kind of On Vacation… Because That’s What I Do!

So I’m taking it easy this next week due to it being my annual week off between Christmas and New Year’s.

However, I schedule posts out in advance and will have some comic book reviews and Vids I Dig posts going up each day while I deal with my family and friends complaining that I only give them cash and gift cards.

It’s not my fault that they don’t own crypto wallets!

Maybe I should be better at buying presents and I did really damn good, last year. But this year, as with most years, I didn’t realize it was Christmas time until about December 20th.

It’s not my fault that my birthday is a week earlier! Honestly, that usually means that I’m hungover for 7-10 days after celebrating harder than Stallone’s abs in Rambo: First Blood, Part II.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and yours and thanks for reading Talking Pulp this year! My life has become significantly busier with some changes thanks to 2020 and its ancient curses but I keep working to keep this site alive.

So hopefully 2021 will be a much better year for all of us because I can’t imagine a year that’s any worse than this shitshow.

Talking Pulp Update (11/25/2020): Time to Turkey Hard and Be One Lazy Ass Bitch

Since it’s the magical four-day weekend that is American Thanksgiving, I’m taking the time off.

That’s pretty much it.

I guess I’ll see you all next Monday, November 30th.

Now I’m off to go do the traditional things like eating a fuckload of holiday food, spending time with my family, going to the comic shop in hopes of a stupid sale and also doing my annual Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings and Hobbit extended editions marathon.

Talking Pulp Update (11/12/2020): I Think I Found the Balance

I don’t think I’m going anywhere yet. Well, unless the WordPress editor continues to get more user unfriendly. Eventually, that will push me to the point of no return.

I’ve found the right balance, though. I like the current rate of content I’m putting out and it allows me to work on the other things I need to while still giving me a creative outlet and hobby.

Although, once I start transforming my graphic novel script into a pulp novel, time may be even more limited.

Whatever. I’m in a good groove, at the moment. I think I’ve found balance and peace.

Also, I’ll probably take some extended time off for Thanksgiving but who knows. Sometimes I get these bursts of creative energy and sometimes my brain is chained to my work.

Talking Pulp Update (11/5/2020): Mehpocalypse

Well, I’m at the end of the road here with scheduled posts. Not too long ago, I was ahead by nearly six weeks, as The ‘Rona allowed me to hole up, watch a fuck ton of movies and write a lot of reviews and other shit.

But then I also got massively burnt out and then was put off by changes to the WordPress system that made me pretty fucking apathetic to this whole thing.

Being that I also accomplished my two biggest goals with this website, I felt like the timing couldn’t have been better to step away.

This was a fun hobby and that’s all it was really supposed to be, as I wanted to chronicle my thoughts and opinions on the massive amount of pop culture shit I’ve covered here since November of 2016.

Plus, my life is packed full of a lot of things that drain my energy but also provide more fruitful rewards than just personal satisfaction.

I’ve also noticed a trend over the few years that I’ve ran this site and that’s the fact that people don’t really seem to read anymore. I get a lot of clicks and that number has significantly increased year-after-year but actual engagement is damn near non-existent. Every passing year sees engagement drop. And that trend had already been happening with other blogs before I started this one.

This site pulled in a lot of views via social media but even that has dried up, as with each passing year, people only seem to care about short tweets and sensational headlines without context or even an actual click. It’s pretty demotivating for someone who likes to write and discuss opinions, ideas and discover new things from actual interaction and feedback.

This isn’t a “woe is me” rant, it’s just taken me a long time to really accept that blogging might be dead. Sure, blog sites in general are still going strong but we live in a disingenuous clickbait, slideshow world now.

I’m not going to write utter, useless shit and completely bury my content in countless ads that will crash the reader’s browser.

Anyway, I’ll still write and post stuff as I feel like it but there are no guarantees that I’ll write with any sort of regularity. Hell, I could just disappear off of here a week from now. I’m just going to play it by ear from day-to-day.

Who knows, maybe something will happen and I’ll return with vigor and enthusiasm. I always have when I’ve moved on from other blogs in the past. My brain just needs a break and WordPress has made it so that I don’t even want to use the platform anymore.

Maybe I’ll end up building something new from scratch but I need time to see where the wind blows me.

See you on the other side, maybe.

Talking Pulp Update (10/22/2020): It’s Almost Halloween! So Let’s Bring the Horror! (and an Update on Talking Pulp’s Lack of Future)

Saturday begins Talking Pulp’s nine day celebration of Halloween. It is also the big grand finale of the site at its current rate of output. That being said, there will be a lot of content from Saturday, October 24th through Sunday, November 1st, because we’ve watched a lot of horror to celebrate the month (yes, month) of Halloween, as well as to go out with a big ass bang before content slows down significantly.

In the last few site updates I’ve discussed Talking Pulp winding down. That day draws even closer now.

I’m not sure how much I’ll write in the future but life is taking me in other directions. Additionally, this site requires a lot of time that I just don’t have, as it isn’t in any way a financial benefit and I’d rather make more money working on new things than continue on with a hobby that has become a second full-time job that my OCD can’t seem to deprioritize over other productive pursuits that would be a better use of my time and effort.

I still plan to write things but I’m no longer going to hold myself to a schedule and a general framework. This was always supposed to be a hobby and more of a reference for myself with the possibility of using material written here for new books. I still may compile some things into different books that I’ve had planned out in my head for awhile.

I’ll most likely give another update, as we get closer to the end and I have more of an idea of what’s next.

For now, look forward to more content than usual, as I try to go out with a bang, celebrating my favorite holiday.

Talking Pulp Update (10/8/2020): Blogging Ragnarök – The End Is Nigh For Talking Pulp

After my last pretty pissy update, not much has changed.

While I have found a way to edit in the Classic Editor, WordPress is still giving me serious issues when simply trying to create or edit posts, even though I’m the only user on this site and by default, the administrator.

Needless to say, the workaround with the Classic Editor will only be a temporary thing, anyway, as they seem pretty gung ho about phasing it out completely, even as a premium plugin. In fact, the plugin won’t be supported by the end of 2021.


My motivation to write or even give a shit is pretty nil. While I still have posts scheduled out for a few weeks, by the end of October, I’ll probably be done with this platform because it’s evolving like all tech/social platforms do in that it’s becoming less user friendly and more complicated, as a result of it going minimalistic.

Also, this is just a hobby. I never made this as a tool for income. Had it grown to a certain size, I may have but that was never the end goal. I’ve been down that road with other blogs and once shit gets monetized, it monopolizes your life. That is, if you want to continually make money and hope to see it grow. And frankly, money in blogging sucks and is never enough.

I had three goals with this site when I started it in November of 2016. I’ve outlined them before but here they are again:

  1. Review every film ever featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  2. Review every film from every major franchise or film series that I’m interested in (and some I’m not).
  3. Draw attention to lesser-known films that deserve more recognition.

Well, I’ve finished number one, I’m nearly done with number two and there will always be interesting older movies that I’ll discover, as time goes on, which makes completing number three an impossibility.

To be honest, the timing of WordPress turning to shit couldn’t have been better. I was already thinking about winding this down or posting a lot less frequently. My life has been changing and I need more time dedicated to the things that will take me to another level financially and professionally. This does, to a fairly large degree, take away from that due to how much time I put into Talking Pulp.

Truthfully, I don’t want to completely kill it. I want to keep it around for the occasional post or update. When new films come out in franchises I love, I’d still like to review them.

However, my free time has been minimal and professionally, I’m in a creative vacuum, which also effects this site, which actually used to boost my creativity because it allowed me to shift from doing art to writing and thus, helped refill the creative well in my brain.

I also have some side hustles that take up more of my time but I can’t turn my back on them because they make money, damn good money.

The era of pumping out four-to-six posts per day is coming to an end. In the future, posts may be as far as a few weeks apart or even months. I guess it all depends on my schedule, my motivation and whether or not I want to use this platform when they fully force their changes on me.

I guess only time will tell but I’ll probably give a more final update when my cache of scheduled posts run out in three or four weeks.

Talking Pulp Update (10/2/2020): Fuck Your Editor, WordPress

So, I guess the time has finally come where WordPress is forcing its fucking awful block editor on me. It’s absolute shit, looks like shit and is so minimalistic and wonky it reminds me of my last alcoholic ex-girlfriend.

Also, now it is saying I am “not allowed to edit this post.” Yet, I’m the admin and the only user on this site. Whatever. I guess if you are reading this, I was at least able to post it. But this interface is such a fucking mess that my eyes hurt just typing this rant.

What happened to style, to nuance, to beauty, to choices and customer satisfaction? Tech companies don’t give a shit. They’re business model is all about, “Look at our cool new shit!!! Don’t you love our cool new shit?!!!” *no answer* “Ah, well, whatever… you’ll get used to it. Oh, by the way, once you do, we’ll just pull the rug out from under you because… Look at our cool new shit!!!”

I’ve been a premium member across multiple blogs for at least a decade and a half. To go back to the classic style editor, I need to download and install a plugin. However, I’m only allowed to do that if I upgrade to a business account. Well, this isn’t a fucking business and I’m already paying a lot for the type of account I have.

Furthermore, the classic editor, even as a plugin, will no longer be supported by the end of 2021. So I’m not going to pay hundreds for a temporary fix when WordPress could just allow us the option we’ve always had of using the classic editor.

But hey, I was seriously considering slowing down with Talking Pulp because I’ve now achieved two of the three major goals I had for it and the third goal isn’t really one I can complete.

If anything, I guess this horseshit helped make my decision easier. While I do have content scheduled out till almost the end of October, that might be it for me. Unless, there is some satisfactory resolution to these issues.

However, if I’m having difficulty just posting this, let alone saving drafts as I type, what’s the fucking point?

I’ve been a loyal WordPress user since the mid-’00s, using it for personal blogs, business websites and many other side projects and side hustles. But I guess in the end, it’s the snot-nosed, Silicon Valley dweebs that will shape the world in their lame, sterile, unimaginative image.