Talking Pulp Update (6/27/2019): Taking Time Off Because Las Vegas

It’s that time of year where my real job, the one that actually helps me pay for stuff, is sending me to Las Vegas for a week. It’s our industry’s biggest annual trade show, so that’s going to take my focus away from Talking Pulp for a week.

I should be back to regular posting on July 4th. I heard that this news excites an entire country and that they will blast off fireworks in celebration of Talking Pulp’s big return!

Anyway, I’ll be hanging out in Tiki bars, eating massive steaks and probably be partaking in lots of glorious edibles and strippers.

I don’t have much else to say about it, as I’m sitting in an airport and I think I just sat in baby mucus.

Taking At Least a Week Off

I’m taking a week off.

I’ve got an insane amount of work at the real job, I’m way behind on writing content for this site and I need to catch up on some other real life things.

I probably won’t be on Twitter either, for those of you that may follow me there.

I also need to catch up on relaxation because I’m almost to the point of clinical exhaustion.

I may post a few comic book reviews next week, because I do have enough of those saved up in the queue.

And that’s about it.

Talking Pulp Update (1/1/2019): It’s a New Year

It’s a new year and I’ve been on a holiday hiatus.

I needed to take a big break from the real job, as well as creating content for this site and all the work that goes with that like watching a dozen movies per week and blowing through a mountain of comics.

This week will continue my light schedule, as I still have a lot of comic reviews stored up in my drafts. So expect a comic review pretty much everyday.

I’ll start posting film reviews again but not until next week. The last day or so, I’ve started watching a lot of stuff that’s been in my queue.

While I want to keep Talking Pulp going into 2019, the amount of content I produce on a regular basis will decline. I can’t work on other projects that I need to complete if I’m posting 18 to 30 reviews per week (my typical output up to this point).

I’m not sure what my new output amount will be and I’ll have to play it by ear as I try to figure out a new routine and schedule.

However, on the flip side of that, I am planning to devote some time to establishing the YouTube channel that’s just been sitting there for awhile now. It seems as if blogging is dying and streaming video content is becoming king. Now what that means for the Talking Pulp channel and the content I will create for it is still a mystery and it might take some experimentation to figure that out.

I do plan on doing regular livestreams with a panel of people that want to discuss the things I talk about on this site: film, comics, TV, etc. As far as film goes, I want to devote time to talking about classic film, indie film, old school horror and sci-fi, film-noir, spaghetti westerns, kaiju and tokusatsu, swashbuckling movies and modern motion pictures worth discussing.

I hope that those of you that have been around for the long haul continue to stick around. This is a hobby but it’s one I enjoy, especially when I can share it with others.

And if you have any interest in talking about any of the above topics in a livestream, let me know.

Talking Pulp Update (12/25/2018): Comic Week for Christmas

While I am off for this week (and possibly longer), I figured I’d give you all a small Christmas present.

do have a lot of comic book reviews stored in my drafts. So  figured that I could release a comic book review everyday over this holiday week in order to give Talking Pulp readers some content and to clear out some stuff that’s been sitting in the queue.

Talking Pulp Update (12/22/2018): Taking Off From Christmas Eve to New Year’s

It’s holiday time and I have family knocking on my door.

I’m also really behind on watching movies and thus, can’t create enough content for next week.

So, I will be taking off from Christmas till New Year’s Day (and maybe a day or two longer).

Plus, the real job has been nuts, lately.

However, if I do see any new movies in the theater, I will try to get up reviews for those. As I am off of work during the week, I’m planning on catching up with some of the films I’ve missed.

That’s it, I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Happy holidays and all that f’n jazz, y’all.

Talking Pulp Update (11/8/2018): Things Are Going to Slow Down a Bit

I brought this up in a site update post last week but I have now gotten to that point where I need to take a bit of a break.

Talking Pulp will not be on a complete hiatus but the amount of content I post will slow down, as I focus on some other projects I need to do and because I don’t have the time to watch and read things in an effort to create content at the level that I have been for the last two years.

This is still a passion of mine and I have ran this site obsessively and compulsively for awhile. And frankly, this break has been long overdue. But as I still watch movies and read comics and books, I’ll still review them. It just can’t be my main creative focus for the time being.

I need to buckle down and get the first draft of a graphic novel done. I’ve been fleshing out the idea for a few months but there are another three to four stories I also want to get cracking on, as well.

But creating some comics aren’t my only creative outlet on the horizon. I’ll probably announce something later on when my other side projects get some legs.

Additionally, I want to start working on building the YouTube channel, which currently has no content. But I’d like to do weekly live streams with guests about film, comics and other topics.

On the flip side, I’ve had a lot of things going on with my family and my regular job, as of late, that require a lot of my time.

It’s about reorganizing priorities and unfortunately, Talking Pulp isn’t something that makes me money. Although, if it did, it’d be my actual full-time job.

And I’ll still try to check in on all of you that have given me love over the last two years.