Vids I Dig 090: Razörfist: Film Noirchives: ‘Blade Runner’

From The Rageaholic/Razörfist’s YouTube description: To celebrate a Decade of Rage, Razör’s favorite film of all time finally gets the Noirchives treatment: Film Noir and Sci-Fi collide, creating an example of the best of both.

But is it truly Noir? And how did on-set struggles and behind-the-scenes conflict inform this apocalyptic masterpiece?

We need the old Blade Runner. We need the magic.

Vids I Dig 052: Razörfist: Your ’90s Comics Are Shit and No One Wants to Buy Them

From The Rageaholic/Razörfist’s YouTube description: ’90s Comics: Because feet are for wimps.

My Two Cents: Say what you will about ’90s comics but Razörfist makes some pretty solid f’n points. My love is mostly due to that brooding bitch named Nostalgia but a lot of the stuff I’ve revisited has left a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth, which has weakened Nostalgia’s once powerful grip.