Vids I Dig 137: Yesterworld: The Original Haunted Mansion You Never Got To Experience – Disneyland’s Ghost House

From Yesterworld’s YouTube description: Explore Disney’s Original and abandoned Haunted Mansion that never was in this deep dive into Disneyland’s Unbuilt Haunted House. The History of the Haunted Mansion goes all the way back to Walt Disney’s initial vision for the Disney park, and we have enough information to take a detailed look at the original versions of the Haunted Mansion.

Vids I Dig 130: Toy Galaxy: The History of ‘Gargoyles’: Disney’s Spookiest Series


From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description: On this episode Dan covers the history of Disney’s Gargoyles.

Spookier and darker than almost anything done at the time, this three season animated series lasted only 78 episodes despite some big hopes.

But even with all that, this series still has a ton of fans to this day that hope to someday see the Gargoyles return.

Vids I Dig 112: Defunctland: The History of ‘Captain EO’

From Defunctland’s YouTube description: Defunctland takes on the troubled 4D, sci-fi, Disney, Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas, Michael Jackson, and Michael Eisner film, Captian EO.