Vids I Dig 128: Comic Tropes: What’s the Lasting Appeal of ‘Vampirella’?


From Comic Tropes’ YouTube description: Vampirella has been around for 50 years. That’s a long time for a comic book character that wasn’t made by Marvel or DC. This episode takes a look at her history and highlights across three publishers: Warren, Harris and Dynamite. Is she just an iconic costume or is there more to her?

Vids I Dig 111: Comic Tropes: Jeff Smith’s ‘Bone’ is the Best Fantasy Comic

From Comic Tropes’ YouTube description: It may sound like hyperbole to claim a particular comic is the best. But I think there is enough critical and financial consensus to back up my claim. Bone is an accomplishment in both storytelling and self-publishing.

Following the three Bone cousins – Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone – as they are introduced to a magical world and its inhabitants including the enigmatic young woman Thorn, Bone blends both high fantasy and humor. This video argues what it does well and what makes it unique.

Vids I Dig 098: Comic Tropes: Rare ‘G.I. Joe’ Comics

From Comic Tropes’ YouTube description: This video is part of Cobra Convergence, a yearly event where content creators focus on G.I. Joe and their enemy, Cobra. This year, I take a look at some fairly uncommon comics. A European version of G.I. Joe that takes on a splinter sect of Cobra and is tied to the Marvel superhero universe; a G.I. Joe book illustrated by Todd McFarlane that Marvel decided to completely redo by another artist; and the origins of G.I. Joe’s Russian counterparts, the Oktober Guard.

Vids I Dig 086: Comic Tropes: ‘The Boys’: Why the TV Adaptation Is Better Than the Comic

From Comic Tropes’ YouTube description: The Boys is a comic book about a five person team tasked with keeping superheroes in check. In their world, superheroes are celebrities with all the narcissistic failings normal people have, but magnified. It was adapted into a well-reviewed Amazon Prime TV show. In this video, I compare and contrast the comic book and TV versions and argue that the TV version made some adjustments that drastically improve the material.

Vids I Dig 072: Comic Tropes: X-Statix: Superhero Celebrity Satire

From Comic Tropes’ YouTube description: In 2001, writer Peter Milligan and artist Mike Allred teamed up with a completely new take on X-Force which would go on to be retitled X-Statix. It was a look at a team of mutants who were also celebrities. This episode looks at how that works and some of the common techniques of Milligan and Allred.

Vids I Dig 060: Comic Tropes: The Man Who Made ‘MAD’: Harvey Kurtzman

From Comic Tropes’ YouTube description: Mad Magazine has been running since 1952 but this past week it was announced that it would be ending its run. It seems like a good time to look at Harvey Kurtzman, the man who created Mad and served as its first editor through 1956. A cartoonist, writer, and editor, Kurtzman accomplished a lot and set the template for a humor magazine that would be influential to generations for decades to come.

Vids I Dig 048: Comic Tropes: The Cleverly Dumb Humor of Sergio Aragonés’ ‘Groo’

From Comic Tropes’ YouTube description: Sergio Aragonés and his team have been making hilarious Groo comic books since the early ’80s. This video gives some of Sergio’s history breaking into comics, the creation and evolution of Groo and the type of humor it uses.