Vids I Dig 235: For the Love of Comics: ‘Bone’: The One-Volume Edition – Paperback & Limited Edition Hardcover

From For the Love of Comics’ YouTube description: A look at, and inside, the One Volume Edition of Bone (‘The Complete Cartoon Epic’). Jeff Smith’s comics saga collected in a 1300+ page omnibus is surprisingly portable, and the limited edition hardcover feels like a treasure!

Vids I Dig 111: Comic Tropes: Jeff Smith’s ‘Bone’ is the Best Fantasy Comic

From Comic Tropes’ YouTube description: It may sound like hyperbole to claim a particular comic is the best. But I think there is enough critical and financial consensus to back up my claim. Bone is an accomplishment in both storytelling and self-publishing.

Following the three Bone cousins – Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone – as they are introduced to a magical world and its inhabitants including the enigmatic young woman Thorn, Bone blends both high fantasy and humor. This video argues what it does well and what makes it unique.