Vids I Dig 277: Toy Galaxy: The History of ‘Voltron’: Lions and Cars and Robots, Oh My!

From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description: In this episode Dan talks about the history of Voltron Legendary Defender, how this robot made of mechanical lions was created and what lead to him being Americanized.

And, after being dormant for a long time, his revival on Netflix.

You’ll also learn about the other 2 versions of Voltron. A lot of people remember vehicle Voltron but there was a third version… sort of.

Vids I Dig 274: Comic Tropes: Vulgar In Design & Tawdry In Color: The Origin of Comic Books In the Platinum Age

From Comic Tropes’ YouTube description: Superman’s debut in 1938 marks the Golden Age of Comics. But comic books existed before superheroes. This episode takes a look at the history of comic books and the Platinum Age where conventions like panel to panel storytelling and word balloons came into existence. It focuses especially on the comic strips of the 1890s through 1930s and how newspapers battled each other by trying to carry the most popular comics, like The Yellow Kid.

Vids I Dig 273: Jim Cornette: The Montreal Screw Job – Deep Dive Omnibus

From Jim Cornette’s YouTube description: In the Spring of 2019, The Jim Cornette Experience featured a three-part Deep Dive looking at Jim’s role in the infamous Montreal double-cross between Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels. Presented here are all three parts, including Jim’s talk with Dave Meltzer & Jim’s look at the aftermath of Montreal: Jim Cornette’s Montreal Deep Dive Omnibus!