Vids I Dig 340: The 6:05 Superpodcast: Lance Russell Special

Taken from Arcadian Vanguard’s YouTube description: The 6:05 Superpodcast looks back on the life and career of Lance Russell, the greatest pro wrestling announcer of all time, with this special episode. The Great Brian Last is joined by former Memphis manager, and the man behind Kentucky Fried Rasslin’, Scott Bowden, for this tribute to Lance, with many voices lending their thoughts and memories!

Vids I Dig 338: Filmento: ‘At World’s End’: How to Build the Perfect Action Sequence

From Filmento’s YouTube description: With Birds of Prey Harley Quinn failing at being an impostor Jack Sparrow, let’s travel back in time to take a look at the real Captain Jack Sparrow, this time in the trilogy conclusion, At World’s End. While this movie might not be the most flawless movie overall, when it comes to the maelstrom ship battle action sequence at the very end with the Black Pearl going against the Flying Dutchman and Davy Jones, it does shine bright. Not only is it a great action set-piece, it’s one of the greatest action set-pieces of all time. In today’s Film Perfection, let’s see what narrative elements it uses to make that happen. For a brief moment, let’s return to a better time when Johnny Depp was still Captain Jack Sparrow and things were great. Here’s hoping for one more, Pirates of the Caribbean 6 with him.

Vids I Dig 335: Razörfist: Rageaholic Cinema: The ‘Dirty Harry’ Film Series (In 5 Parts)

From The Rageaholic/Razörfist’s YouTube description (DIRTY HARRY): Let’s get dirty.

From The Rageaholic/Razörfist’s YouTube description (DIRTY HARRY 2 – Magnum Force): The greatest action film of the ’70s gets a sequel… …does it EVER get a sequel!

From The Rageaholic/Razörfist’s YouTube description (DIRTY HARRY 3 – The Enforcer): Dirty Harry meets feminism. RUN.

From The Rageaholic/Razörfist’s YouTube description (DIRTY HARRY 4 – Sudden Impact): Dirty Harry versus DEATH WISH. We’re going to need more bodybags.

From The Rageaholic/Razörfist’s YouTube description (DIRTY HARRY 5 – The Dead Pool): Go ahead. Kill my franchise.

Vids I Dig 334: Toy Galaxy: The History of the ‘Silverhawks’: Kind of ‘ThunderCats’ In Space

From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description: Dan takes you through the history of the Silverhawks.

A brother to the more popular Thundercats with a vac-metal toyline from Kenner and only a single season of the animated show Silverhawks is still remembered fondly.