Vids I Dig 234: The Attic Dwellers: Magic Tricks & Magic Talk in the Attic

From The Attic Dwellers’ YouTube description: Eric shows off his magic skills, then we slip into conversations about our favorite magicians and some of our not so favorite magicians. Penn & Teller, Chriss Angel, David Copperfield, and more! In the 80s, magic specials were all the rage! And some of the most iconic magicians came out of that decade.

Vids I Dig 231: Toy Galaxy: The Crazy Bizarre History of ‘Max Headroom’: TV Star, Icon, Pitch Man, Pirate

From Toy Galaxy’s YouTube description: On this episode we attempt to cover the crazy, bizarre history of Max Headroom.

For his conception as a character introducing music videos to his own TV movie, to Coca-Cola spokesperson to gone in just a few years.

His legacy as a instrument of political commentary may be more relevant than ever.

Vids I Dig 229: The Critical Drinker: ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ – A Relatively Good Film

From The Critical Drinker’s YouTube description: So I guess it’s about time I got around to sharing my thoughts on Alita: Battle Angel, the movie so many people went crazy for when it hit cinemas a few months ago. But does it live up to the hype? Pour yourselves a drink, kick back and let’s find out.

Vids I Dig 228: Comic Tropes: Watchmen’s Exquisite Corpse: Doomsday Clock

From Comic Tropes’ YouTube description: Over 30 years after its publication, Watchmen is still regarded as one of the all-time greatest comic book stories. Recently, DC finished publishing a sequel story, Doomsday Clock. This episode compares and contrasts the two stories by very different writers, Alan Moore and Geoff Johns respectively, and looks at their different goals. The original Watchmen told a complete story but now characters like Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach exist side-by-side with Batman and Superman.