Talking Pulp Update (5/14/2020): The Comic Book Script Is Done!

Well, one big thing I’ve been talking about for awhile is writing a comic book script. I’ve had several ideas and I want to flesh out many of them but in a drunken stupor, a new idea popped into my head and I wrote the first issue in the middle of the night.

I was surprised to find it on my laptop the next morning, as I was nursing a hangover and had forgotten about how hard I plugged away, while drunk on wine, bourbon and feeling a nice sensation from some special macaroons.

What I discovered, early the next morning, was that I really liked the story and it was actually a sequel to one of the previous ideas I had. But it was much more than that, as it went in new, unforeseen directions and it was well balanced between action, comedy and a nice mixture of really cool shit. I liked the big twist ending and upon reading it, I immediately started typing the second issue.

After just a few days, the first draft was done and I had about four standard size issues, coming in at 96 pages total. While it’s just a first draft, I’m really happy with it and doubt I’ll change much. Sure, it needs some fine tuning and I need to re-read it for plot holes and whatnot but it’s not often that I’m this happy with something I wrote in the realm of fiction.

So I’m going to spend the next week reworking it and trying to improve upon it. But I guess the next step is trying to find an artist, which will probably be the most difficult part of the process.

Being over a month ahead of schedule on Talking Pulp actually opened up a lot more free time and I guess I have to thank The ‘Rona for putting the world on pause and giving me more time to be creatively productive.

As this progresses, I’ll probably make mention of it in future site updates.

Talking Pulp Update (5/5/2020): So Much Free Time, So Much Content

It’s Cinco de Mayo, so I guess enjoy your cheap Mexican lager and tacos in your own house because there is still a damn pandemic going on.

A month and a half ago when this COVID-19 bullshit hit my area hard and things started shutting down, I wrote a site update that things on Talking Pulp should be fairly normal.

Well, things have been better than normal, as I’ve had a lot of free time to watch a fuck ton of movies and review them. So I actually have content written and scheduled out for well over a month. In fact, I’ve doubled down on movie reviews and you’ll see more posts than normal once those start cycling in, in another week or so.

I’ve also caught up on the majority of the films I missed in 2019 because I mostly stopped going to theaters before the coronavirus made that cool. Not because I don’t like movies on the big screen but because I hate people in theaters; they ruin the experience.

Anyway, I figured I’d just mention that we’re still going strong here, even if the rest of the world closed up shop, embraced fascism and stopped caring about the health of the economy over the health of a small percentage of people. But whatever, people (pussies) get really butt hurt about that shit, so I digress.

Well, I guess I’ll go back to watching movies, writing, working out and practicing my battleaxe skills to Dokken turned up to 11.

All I really want today is a monster chimichanga. Thanks for making that difficult, world!

Talking Pulp Update (3/23/2020): Things Should Flow Fairly Normally, Here

I wrote about the situation in the world last week, see here.

But I also wanted to give an update about Talking Pulp, itself, during this pandemic craziness.

As far as content goes, I’ve written and scheduled posts for more than three weeks out. They will be posted at the current rate that I’ve been putting stuff out since the start of 2020.

Additionally, I currently still have to work at the real job but my free time is going to be spent indoors, more so than normal. Because of this, I may actually be able to produce more content, as I’ll have nothing to do but sit on my ass while the world tries to sort itself out beyond my barbarian cave.

I have bought a couple video games that I’ve wanted to play for awhile but having the time to play through lengthy modern games hasn’t been a luxury, as of late. Well, that’s changed. Now it looks like I’ll be able to catch up on that stuff.

Granted, I may just re-immerse myself in Conan: Exiles for a month again, as I could live and build in that game for months on end without interruption (other than hunger and sex).

So I don’t expect much to change with Talking Pulp. I may even spend time writing more than normal, as there are some article ideas I wanted to tackle but haven’t had the time to do so.

If anything changes, I’ll post another site update.

In the meantime, stay safe, don’t be an asshole and help humanity get through this quicker, instead of being a selfish dipshit that kills Boomers because of YOLO. I’m specifically talking to you Millennials that think you’re invincible yet don’t have the armor to protect yourselves from minor jabs or light criticism.

Talking Pulp Update (1/1/2020): It’s New Years! So I’m Kind of STILL On Vacation… and Might Even Take a Permanent One

On Christmas, I mentioned that I was on a bit of a vacation and that my posts may slow down. But then I didn’t do much except vegetate, drink and watch movies, so it didn’t slow down too much.

Now it’s New Year’s but I’m still probably not at full strength, so whatever.

Posts might not come as regularly but I’ll still post as I create new content.

However, looking at the bigger picture going forward, I have to focus on a lot of other stuff and since Talking Pulp doesn’t pay any of my bills, I have to re-prioritize some things and the site might have to take a step back, as I sort through some real life shit and what my future needs.

I have a few things I want to accomplish, like finishing up my long ass journey of reviewing every film featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000, which I am very close to doing. Beyond a few goals, though, I may take an extended or potentially permanent break from this site in the very near future. It’s a hell of a lot of work and even though it started out as a hobby, it’s evolved into a non-paying full-time second job that just doesn’t feel as rewarding and fun as it once did.

I feel like blogging is dying, as attention spans shrink and people can only retain clickbait headlines without any real context. I hope the 2020s change this, as we need a cultural renaissance because entertainment and art are dying as well.

But with all that, my drive and motivation to put so much into Talking Pulp is dying as well. I’ve thought about transitioning into YouTube, something I once excelled at but with all the constant Google shenanigans and algorithm alterations, that’s probably a waste of time at this point.

I don’t want to sound like the future is bleak, as we enter a new decade, but if my 2020s are going to be brighter, I might have to say goodbye to something I once loved pretty immensely.

Anyway, Happy f’n New Year! Don’t waste your time with some pointless resolutions that will just lead to your own personal disappointment and just rock on into this new decade with no fucks given.

Talking Pulp Update (12/25/2019): It’s Christmas! So I’m Kind of On Vacation

Being that it is Christmas, I’m taking it easy for the next week. I should be back to normal fairly quickly after New Year’s Day.

I’ll still post but not as frequently because I’m tired, I want to focus on the holidays and my aunt keeps making so much food, it’s hard not to be moderately comatose.

I’ll still probably post daily Vids I Dig stuff, as well as some comic and movie reviews, as I read and watch things this week. But honestly, can’t I just be lazy for once? Haven’t I earned that?

So anyway, I’ll be around but I can’t make any guarantees as to how much.

Talking Pulp Update (12/13/2019): 3000 Posts! I Guess That’s a Milestone

Well, here at Talking Pulp, we’ve reached our 3000th published post. We’ve covered a lot in three years and we plan to cover a lot more in the future.

Starting out as Cinespiria, a site dedicated to the art of filmmaking that tried to shine a light on underappreciated and unknown films from all genres, we quickly evolved into covering other things like comics, retro video games, as well as providing some pop culture commentary.

This is a pretty cool and unplanned birthday present, as my birthday is actually tomorrow. So I guess I’ll have one extra glass of bourbon and some surf on my turf to also celebrate this milestone.

A special thanks goes out to those of you who read the site daily, especially those who comment and engage. We’ve grown, we’re doing well and hopefully we can continue to do so.

Talking Pulp Update (11/27/2019): It’s Our First (and Probably Only) ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Turkey Weekend!

As we are now approaching Thanksgiving, Noirvember comes to a close here at Talking Pulp and tomorrow brings in a weekend full of turkeys!

No, not just your Thanksgiving turkey but several more turkeys in the form of really crappy movies that were once featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

When I started this site, one of my objectives with it was to review every single movie that was ever showcased on MST3K. Well, now I am really close to accomplishing that goal, so I thought that I’d push things into high gear, as Thanksgiving is the holiday that MST3K used to make its own with annual marathons.

So over this four day holiday weekend, I will review two MST3K flicks per day. I’ll try to keep it split between Joel and Mike episodes, as well.

But as I am putting to close this long chapter of my movie reviewing life, I figured I’d celebrate and go out with a bit of a bang.

Full disclosure, I’ll still probably have about ten more to review after this long weekend but I’ll be much closer to finishing the journey.