Retro Relapse: A Generation of Men Raised by Women, Volume 2: A Rite of Passage

RETRO RELAPSE is a series of older articles from various places where I used to write before Talking Pulp.

*Written in 2014.

*This is the second part of an ongoing series where I am building off of what was discussed in the first part, which was used as an introduction.

One thing that men of my generation and most men after haven’t experienced, is a natural and authentic rite of passage. This can be due to being a generation of men raised by women, as this article’s title implies. Whether a father was completely non-existent or just part-time on weekends and holidays, the young boy didn’t have that male figure there on a full-time basis to show them manly shit.

To be honest, many of these fathers, for whatever reason, weren’t necessarily true men themselves but that is an article I’m saving for a later date. Additionally, in some cases, maybe those fathers weren’t taught what they needed from their fathers as well and they were just part of the cycle.

So what do I mean when I refer to a “rite of passage”?

Well, in most cultures, if not all of them, there is usually some event or test or a passing of the torch where a boy becomes what his people consider a man. This “trial” as we’ll call it here for simplicity’s sake, is usually something that tests the boy or makes the boy have to prove himself before being accepted by his family, peers and community as an adult man. This goes back to the beginning of time and it is something ingrained in our macho testosterone-filled DNA.

Whether a man is aware of it or not, there is a natural desire to be “the man”. Most men become angry at themselves for not feeling like they have achieved full manliness and acceptance by those they perceive as the manly men.

Well, true manly men are a scarce breed in this day and age, anyway. Some men go beyond their own self-loathing in this regard and have a clearer understanding of their situation and find themselves angry at their father for either not being there or not bothering to take the time to pass something on to them. The primal response to this primal desire is anger. And when you do come across a manly man and feel like you don’t measure up, it is demoralizing and thus generates that sense of self-loathing and inner angst.

For me, as I know with many males of my generation and after, I never got that official rite of passage. I just woke up one day and had to come to the realization that I was now living in an adult world. The problem with that is that I didn’t feel prepared, I felt like a boy thrown to the wolves. Now I didn’t panic but I did feel grossly inadequate and ignorant of what I needed to do to survive and most importantly, thrive. And in some respects, I hadn’t grown past the need for a nurturing maternal figure because I hadn’t had a healthy dose of masculine balance in my upbringing.

To this day, I’ve never had that turning point where I’ve felt like “this is it, this is manhood.” Adult life has just been a learning process through trial and error where I’ve had to deal with things as they come and have had to figure out my own solutions. While even if I was prepared and “made a man” by my cultural standards, I understand that life is often times difficult and challenging. The problem is that it is more challenging if you don’t have that edge and the confidence and skills that come with having that edge.

Things can be learned, and that’s the point here.

I couldn’t build anything, I didn’t know how to start a fire, I was really bad with money, I didn’t really know how to swoon a lady, I couldn’t cook and I was lacking in a multitude of other things. I also grew up around kids with money, so it didn’t help when I saw my peers in similar situations just throwing money at the problem and having hired help handle all their adult shit. I didn’t have money, so I had to teach myself and ultimately rely on myself.

Also, technology has made it so that we don’t have to make a fire or even cook really. And maybe technology is part of the problem, in that our fathers didn’t find certain skills a necessity when they could just use an electric heater or a microwave. While I am a fan of technology, I can see where it has made us soft. Hell, it’s a no-brainer that smartphones give us a license to be lazy.

And with technology, a lot of the manlier type jobs are becoming nonexistent. Truthfully, I’m glad that less people have to slave away in a factory and that farming is less strenuous. There are less men risking their lives building skyscrapers and doing dangerous jobs. Technology has its benefits but with pros usually come cons and the con is that there is somewhat of a human evolutionary void because of this.

Sure, men still hunt; they go camping but they don’t have to and these things are mostly considered recreational. The only real exception is where men still hunt to get food, as a deer can feed a family for a long time. It can feed a single man for even longer. And boar hunting has become a necessary practice in order to bring balance back to ecosystems and environments that have become overrun by their invasive nature. Plus, boars are pretty damned tasty; they have a gold mine inside of them called “bacon”.

While I am not one to tell someone else how to raise their kids, I will say, from my experience and others I have talked to over the years, that it would benefit children greatly (boys and girls) to be taught the skills and life lessons they need, in order to be more prepared for the world.

It also wouldn’t hurt to take them camping and to teach them how to handle themselves in a wilderness situation. It builds confidence and character. In fact, even though I was lacking in the father department, I had a grandfather and uncles that did do these things with me and they were not only some of my best childhood memories but they at least showed me what a man could and should be. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as much time with these men as I probably needed and that is why I felt a sort of manliness deficit throughout my twenties.

I think that for a lot of young men out there, you’ve just got to grab the bull by the horns and essentially become your own father and your own man. Unfortunately, I think there is a lot of confusion over what a man is, as there are a lot of people trying to dictate their opinions about it to males desperate to feel more masculine.

Many of these people are the mothers that raised us, who may have a great grasp on how to be a decent human being but have never themselves been a man. And many of them probably even hold some grudges based off of their experiences with the slew of deadbeat dads and man children that populated their “free love” generation.

By the way, I sum up what the essence of manliness is in my article Misconceptions of Manliness. I’ve also written on the topic pretty extensively now on this website, so look around and read some other stuff.

While you may not even know where to start or what to do, I can say with confidence that the website Art of Manliness is a good starting point. Also, find some sort of mentor. You don’t have to be all formal and ask to be his Padawan but just befriend a manlier dude that isn’t an asshole and learn from him. A real man will most likely have sympathy for your situation and not have a problem showing you some things. Of course, don’t get all emo about it. Just hang out, learn how to do some stuff and buy the guy beer and red meat once in a while. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet several great guys over the years that I’ve learned some cool skills from.

The greatest thing that not just men but human beings can do, is to share knowledge and skills with one another.

To guys struggling with these things, just know that you are not alone and that this is a more common problem than most people realize. There is no definitive answer on how to overcome this but just make the effort. Do what makes you feel good and then expand on it. The world has changed drastically in the last century or so, much quicker than our evolution is able to adapt. So it is up to you to adapt in your own way and that is kind of a vital and fundamental principle at the core of what manliness is.

Retro Relapse: A Generation of Men Raised by Women, Volume 1: An Introduction

RETRO RELAPSE is a series of older articles from various places where I used to write before Talking Pulp.

*Written in 2014.

*This is a series I’ve wanted to start for awhile, as I want to cover multiple things that will be too much to put in a single post. I figured I’d kick this off with my story and where I am coming from in my life experience.

The character of Tyler Durden struck a nerve with the young male populace when in the Chuck Palahniuk novel and David Fincher film Fight Club he uttered the line, “We’re a generation of men raised by women. I’m wondering if another woman is really the answer we need.”

While the version of the line in the book was slightly different, in both mediums, this is the point that stuck out to me the most among all the great points that Palahniuk and later, Fincher tried to make. After talking to not just my male friends but my female ones as well, everyone seemed to be in agreement that this was the element that resonated above all others and in fact, it was the one line that truly summed up everything that was happening within the tale.

It has been almost twenty years since the book came out, which makes me feel pretty fucking old, actually. Additionally, it has been fifteen years since the film came out. In that time, I have read the book a half dozen times and seen the film more times than I can count. While it isn’t my favorite Palahniuk book, it is still, after all this time, the one that resonates the most and still pulls at some emotional strings. It is the book that I needed to find when I did back in 1997 when I was graduating high school and didn’t understand the angst I had and the lack of experiencing some sort of authentic rite of passage as the hands of time forced me into adulthood.

In my life, my father was around for the most part but we didn’t spend a whole lot of time together, as I mostly lived with my mother and when I did live with my dad, his job had him on the road quite a bit. I don’t fault him for that, as he was making money to provide for his family and when I wasn’t in school, I got to travel and work with him. I get why he had to do it and I got it back then. Besides, I usually enjoyed the experience of getting to work with him and I really liked the bonding time. It doesn’t mean that there wasn’t some deep seeded yearning for something more. Something I didn’t understand at the time because I really didn’t know any better and at the end of the day didn’t realize that I wasn’t getting all the pieces I later felt that I needed to move on in life, as a man.

My father and I never had a solid relationship and the time we spent together was usually spent arguing due to the inability of either of us to really connect. I wasn’t the easiest kid to deal with but for the most part I was a nice kid, I typically did what I was told and I was generally raised to be a good person and I believe myself to be one. I don’t blame my dad or myself for our never really being on the same page. It’s like that old adage says, “It is what it is.” Regardless, I know my father loves me and I know that he knows I love him.

One thing about myself, is that I have always been incredibly independent, often times to my detriment, especially as a teenager. This didn’t resonate well with any of my parents but at least my mother was able to come to grips with it and accept it around the time I was sixteen. It doesn’t mean that I ran all over her, she just understood that I was wired a certain way and respected it. It also didn’t mean that she stopped worrying, she still does today and now I am thirty-five. But in allowing me to be me, we had a very strong bond and a real level of respect. Looking back, I know that my chronic independence wasn’t a direct product of either my parents’ personalities, it is just something I have always had. And it is probably a major reason as to why my father and my stepmother didn’t seem to understand me. I never really dealt well with authority and one thing that my father and stepmother were, was authority.

I’m telling my own tale, not because I want people to know my intimate details but because I know that this is a similar story to what almost every guy from my generation and after has gone through to some degree, exchanging a few details here and there. Almost all of the boys I hung out with, as I was growing up, had a similar upbringing and a similar attitude. I noticed that the kids who still had both parents in their lives full-time didn’t seem to share our attitude and our outlook. They also seemed a lot more dependent on their parents and authority figures. They lacked the angst that many of us had and I noticed this when I was an adolescent. I was friends with pretty much every kid that was into comic books, video games, movies, music and sports cards but I gravitated towards those who were more like me, as that is just human nature.

We were the kids that drank, dabbled in drugs and partied. We also had sex (mostly unprotected) way before the prom. We were also the ones who took the normal kids and corrupted them into diet versions of ourselves. The thing is, we weren’t bad kids, we just felt incomplete to some extent and had a lot of built up angst that we didn’t know what to do with. I, and many like me, still have this angst. We just deal with it in a healthier way now. Well, those of us not in jail anyway.

I now know that those angst, independence and authority issues stem from having to rely on myself as a child because even if I had parents around, I had to carry my own ball through much of my early life. With parents who aren’t together, a kid typically has just the one that they can connect with on a daily basis yet that one still has less time to spend with the child, as they are usually working more than they should to support a family on one income. I don’t blame either parent in my case, these are just the times I was brought up in and the times we have lived in since.

But the point is, it is no wonder why guys (and girls, really) from my generation have grown up differently and exhibited different behavior that was not common to generations before ours. And I can understand why those older generations looked at us as bad seeds. Regardless of societal labels, I think that most of us weathered the storm okay.

The problem is, many of us still have somewhat of a void in us because what has been the natural upbringing of human beings for millennia hasn’t been what we’ve experienced. We’ve been raised by one parent or parents in shifts and learning things from both aspects of masculinity and femininity is somewhat incomplete. In most cases, the men of my generation lack that rite of passage into manhood and have been raised with an overabundance of feminine figureheads. The thing is, we are still men – mentally, physically and chemically. Although most of our younger experiences with men have been negative or nonexistent.

What I struggle with, I know a lot of guys struggle with. Many of us have attempted plugging our own holes and experiencing that rite of passage on our own. There is however, that natural need to feel some sort of paternal approval and acceptance and unfortunately, for many, that acknowledgement eludes them. Some look for it in the wrong places, like through a boss or some other guy who seems to be more “manly” than themselves. Truthfully, I don’t know if there is a right answer to any of this.

Moving forward, I want to discuss several different aspects of life and adulthood and how it relates to all this. However, I will have to write this over several parts and I think this post is long enough already.

Talking Pulp Update (5/14/2020): The Comic Book Script Is Done!

Well, one big thing I’ve been talking about for awhile is writing a comic book script. I’ve had several ideas and I want to flesh out many of them but in a drunken stupor, a new idea popped into my head and I wrote the first issue in the middle of the night.

I was surprised to find it on my laptop the next morning, as I was nursing a hangover and had forgotten about how hard I plugged away, while drunk on wine, bourbon and feeling a nice sensation from some special macaroons.

What I discovered, early the next morning, was that I really liked the story and it was actually a sequel to one of the previous ideas I had. But it was much more than that, as it went in new, unforeseen directions and it was well balanced between action, comedy and a nice mixture of really cool shit. I liked the big twist ending and upon reading it, I immediately started typing the second issue.

After just a few days, the first draft was done and I had about four standard size issues, coming in at 96 pages total. While it’s just a first draft, I’m really happy with it and doubt I’ll change much. Sure, it needs some fine tuning and I need to re-read it for plot holes and whatnot but it’s not often that I’m this happy with something I wrote in the realm of fiction.

So I’m going to spend the next week reworking it and trying to improve upon it. But I guess the next step is trying to find an artist, which will probably be the most difficult part of the process.

Being over a month ahead of schedule on Talking Pulp actually opened up a lot more free time and I guess I have to thank The ‘Rona for putting the world on pause and giving me more time to be creatively productive.

As this progresses, I’ll probably make mention of it in future site updates.

Retro Relapse: A Checklist of 25 Things to Ensure You’re a Manly Man

RETRO RELAPSE is a series of older articles from various places where I used to write before Talking Pulp.

*Written in 2014.

I’ve done posts about what manly men should own, things they should do on a daily basis to be manly men, as well as things that make them look like pussies. Also, I wrote about the 10 Laws for Growing a Majestic Beard, which enhances your masculinity.

This list however, is simply a checklist. It is a checklist to see how manly you are. Don’t worry, this isn’t sexist, as women can play too. I don’t need PETA (or whatever that big feminist group is called) to come down on me for being a savage bodacious beast attached to a testosterone-filled meat stick.

Anyway, I’m going to present these twenty-five things. Print this out and check them off or just do the math in your head. Because when you get to the end, you can see where you stand, as I will provide a rating system for your final number tally. If you can’t do simple arithmetic, you’ve already failed. Go hang out on the Strawberry Shortcake message boards instead of here.

I’m just kidding. I’m really here to help you become the best manly man that you can be. But you should know how to add.

But anyway, here is the checklist to see how you stack up in manliness. There are also five bonus points that can be earned.

_ You own at least ten flannel shirts *(bonus point for twenty or more).
_ You can hike a minimum of six miles on moderate terrain.
_ You’ve made something useful out of wood.
_ You get daily compliments on your facial foliage.
_ You own more than one bottle of whiskey.
_ You have never seen an episode of American Idol.
_ You have used a bone as a toothpick.
_ Your diet is 75% red meat and/or bacon.
_ You own a legit survival knife that actually does its job.
_ You can construct a tent without instructions.
_ You need at least a six pack to get any kind of buzz.
_ You can’t tell the difference between kale and the stuff used to decorate Easter baskets.
_ You have at least one friend that is a wild animal *(bonus point for an eagle).
_ You find a legit reason to use your multi-tool multiple times per day.
_ You own snake-proof boots and actually have a use for them.
_ You’ve worked out with a log *(bonus point for throwing it after the workout).
_ You’ve made a fire without using a lighter or matches.
_ You’ve eaten a fish that you caught yourself.
_ You can accurately diagnose what is wrong with your vehicle *(bonus point if you fixed it).
_ You can cook a stellar ribeye in a cast iron skillet.
_ You have chopped your own wood.
_ You have read at least five Louis L’Amour novels *(bonus point for ten or more).
_ You have good accuracy with a tomahawk.
_ You make ribs that aren’t just mediocre.
_ You can make at least five manly cocktails.

Here’s how you measure up:
25+ points = You are a mastodon of manliness.
20-24 points = You’re still a beast and on the verge of greatness.
15-19 points = You need some work but every grizzly starts as a cub.
10-14 points = C’mon, dude. Turn off Bridezillas and go put a gorilla in a headlock.
5-9 points = Stop buying Justin Beiber CDs.
0-4 points = Deduct whatever points you have because you don’t deserve them. You’re a zero.

Talking Pulp Update (5/5/2020): So Much Free Time, So Much Content

It’s Cinco de Mayo, so I guess enjoy your cheap Mexican lager and tacos in your own house because there is still a damn pandemic going on.

A month and a half ago when this COVID-19 bullshit hit my area hard and things started shutting down, I wrote a site update that things on Talking Pulp should be fairly normal.

Well, things have been better than normal, as I’ve had a lot of free time to watch a fuck ton of movies and review them. So I actually have content written and scheduled out for well over a month. In fact, I’ve doubled down on movie reviews and you’ll see more posts than normal once those start cycling in, in another week or so.

I’ve also caught up on the majority of the films I missed in 2019 because I mostly stopped going to theaters before the coronavirus made that cool. Not because I don’t like movies on the big screen but because I hate people in theaters; they ruin the experience.

Anyway, I figured I’d just mention that we’re still going strong here, even if the rest of the world closed up shop, embraced fascism and stopped caring about the health of the economy over the health of a small percentage of people. But whatever, people (pussies) get really butt hurt about that shit, so I digress.

Well, I guess I’ll go back to watching movies, writing, working out and practicing my battleaxe skills to Dokken turned up to 11.

All I really want today is a monster chimichanga. Thanks for making that difficult, world!

Retro Relapse: The Reality of Not Giving A Fuck

RETRO RELAPSE is a series of older articles from various places where I used to write before Talking Pulp.

*Written in 2015.

I don’t give a fuck.

To some people, that immediately makes me look like an asshole. To other people, they want to scream “fuck yeah!” because they love a motherfucker that doesn’t give a fuck – just like them. Both of these extremes misunderstand what it means to truly not give a fuck.

When I say that I don’t give a fuck, it means that I don’t really care what people think about what I have to say or about who I am.

Truthfully, we all care to some degree what people think but that boils down to which people exactly.

In my case, I care about what my family (well, most of them) and my close friends think. Everyone else doesn’t really matter to me because looking at the big picture, they’re mostly insignificant and I don’t have the time to pander and cater to everyone nor would I ever want to. My time is precious, as is my sanity.

Many want to use the term “I don’t give a fuck” to justify the fact that they are generally pretty shitty people that are tired of being judged so they build up some faux tough exterior of being even bigger douchebags that have to constantly let everyone know, that they don’t give a fuck. Or they have been hurt by people and can’t function like a grown ass adult.

Well, if you have to keep telling everyone, apparently you do give a fuck. You’re just a jerk that is saying that you are going to do whatever the hell you want and you don’t care how that effects other people. Not giving a fuck isn’t a license to be a shithead.

Those people lack confidence and respect. To truly “not give a fuck” only really comes with confidence and respect for yourself and those worth giving a fuck about. If you are confident in yourself and your abilities, as you traverse through life in the way you best see fit, you don’t give a fuck about the bullshit and the bullshit people because they hinder you from doing what you need to do. You have to just do you. The real motherfuckers will have your back; the leeches will just pull you down.

Getting back to confidence, reminding everyone about how much you don’t give a fuck with a daily meme on social media is not a sign of confidence. However, it is a sign of a lack of confidence.

But the phrase “I don’t give a fuck” is fun to say and it is catchy. Everyone says it when they feel the need arises. I get it, some days suck walrus dick and you are frustrated. But you are frustrated because you give a fuck. Saying you don’t give a fuck is just you trying to convince yourself, through an audience, that you don’t give a fuck when you do give a fuck. But it’s cool, we’ve all got an inner gangsta rapper in us. I say “fuck” a lot because I like the word. I probably like it because a tiny Ice Cube is chilling in my voice box ready to explode against whatever is oppressing me that day.

To those offended by those who don’t give a fuck, you may be right in seeing most as assholes. The ones who say it a lot are pretty big fuck givers. Those who truly don’t give a fuck, don’t have to say it. Why? Because they don’t give a fuck. And if you don’t like those real motherfuckers, it’s cool because they don’t give a fuck.

Now there are instances where it must be stated. Like if some jack off nitwit is annoying the fuck out of you and you have to put your foot down, lock with their eyes and bluntly state very clearly and authoritatively, “I’m going to say this one time motherfucker, I don’t give a fuck.”

My not giving a fuck is often times faced with adversity because I am pretty blunt about shit on most days. If I am not blunt, it is almost always out of respect for someone I do care about, as my bluntness may effect them in some way. Like I have to bite my tongue when a relative or significant other of a good friend is being a fucktard. I have to bite my tongue when it is something that pertains to my job. Why? Because I give a fuck about my loved ones and my livelihood.

But when you state that people who vape or ride around on those Alien Wheel things are fucking retards, those people get all butt hurt about it. People don’t like bluntness, especially if it comes with the confidence of not giving a fuck. Those people give a fuck, which is also why they jump on whatever shit ass fad is the cool, bizarre thing to do that week.

So there are things I do give a fuck about. Apart from certain people and paying my rent on time, the other things I give a fuck about are my passions. I give a fuck about the positive things that help me reach and obtain my goals. I give a fuck about the general state of the world. I give a fuck about the girl I’m trying to have sex with, unless I discover that she is an asshole or has chlamydia. I give a fuck about music. I give a fuck about good beer. I give a fuck about writing for those who actually read my shit. I give a fuck about where I buy my meat. I give a fuck about my tribalistic attachment to the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Blackhawks and New Orleans Saints. I give a fuck about movies. Everything else is just shit I don’t have time to give a fuck about or something I forgot to list.

Anyway, that’s it. If you think I’m an asshole… well, do I really need to say it?

Talking Wrasslin’: Essential Business & Empty Arenas

I wanted to do a follow up to my last Talking Wrasslin’ article after some time passed and I could properly analyze the changes and differences between the wrestling product that now exists in a COVID-19 world.

As many know, professional wrestling is now considered an “essential business” in the State of Florida, my home state. It’s a pretty controversial decision and one that is actually baffling when you look out how other entertainment and sports companies have been hit.

Sure, you could argue that these people aren’t athletes and wrestling isn’t a sport and they can film their shows in an empty arena. However, people still have to physically contact each other, constantly. With the film and television industries halting productions due to social distancing suggestions, I don’t think that you can really make the argument that professional wrestling should get some type of pass when actors in films and television shows don’t have as much direct contact as athletes in a wrestling match. But politics are politics and we all know who Vince McMahon is buddies with and those of us in Florida know that this buddy is also buddies with our governor, who runs the state where WWE’s Performance Center is located. But I’m not going to harp on about politics other than to add context to the current state of the mainstream wrestling business.

That being said, this also benefits All Elite Wrestling, as they are headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida and can now produce live shows, once again, within Florida’s borders.

Up to this point, World Wrestling Entertainment and All Elite Wrestling have had to produce their content in empty arenas or other locations where there isn’t a crowd. Most of the content has been pre-taped with long shoots in an effort to create multiple weeks worth of television, allowing the wrestlers and production staff to not have to travel nearly as much.

Both companies are essentially doing the same thing but there is a difference in how they are doing it and presenting it.

WWE has been filming TV at their Performance Center in Orlando but despite having million dollar production value, the product feels soulless and flat. It doesn’t connect well with the audience and this is pretty apparent when you look at how the ratings have dropped, even with everyone sitting at home now, desperate for content to watch on television or online.

AEW has filmed in an empty arena they own, as well as at a wrestling school owned by one of their wrestlers and backstage agents. The big difference and the advantage that AEW has is that they were smart enough to take some wrestlers from the back and put them around the guardrails outside of the ring area where they cheer and boo and get involved in the in-ring conflict. It creates crowd interaction even though the crowd isn’t actually comprised of fans. There’s a cool energy about it and it can also work to enhance stories, rivalries and the television show doesn’t feel like it’s taped in a morgue.

Granted, AEW wasn’t doing this and Jim Cornette suggested that they should in one of his podcasts. That very next week, they did add wrestlers to the crowd. But with most guys at AEW having beef with Cornette, I’ll doubt they’ll ever give him credit for the idea. And while they could’ve come up with this on their own, this alteration to their show suspiciously happened at the next broadcast.

Additionally, AEW has had the benefit of having Tony Schiavone and Chris Jericho on commentary. Jericho deserves a fucking Emmy but I don’t think they give those out for wrestling because it wouldn’t be fair to Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family. Sorry, Sheldon Cooper but you’d get the Buckshot Lariat from “Hangman” Adam Page on that awards stage.

AEW is killing WWE in the commentary game, right now. WWE just can’t top the great Schiavone and there’s no one WWE has on color that can come close to Jericho. If only WWE actually had Mauro Ranallo on a marquee show, they might have a chance. Sorry, Michael Cole… to fans, you’re never going to be that guy despite Vince McMahon being stubbornly convinced that you’re the voice of a generation.

I’ve kept watching both WWE’s Raw and AEW during the pandemic. However, Raw is really damn hard to sit through, especially for three hours, and it all just feels like filler until they can just go back to business as usual. It’s so bad that Raw is all I can do each week. I can’t watch Smackdown and I’d rather watch AEW than NXT, as AEW has more energy and is more engaging.

WWE was already getting shittier and shittier before COVID-19 hit and this pandemic certainly didn’t do it any favors. But it also sort of exposes how out of touch the company is with its own audience, as it just sticks to its guns, looks down its nose at its competition and won’t adjust their product to something similar to what someone else is doing. They’d rather die than adapt or follow the lead of a company they perceive as beneath them. At this point, they’ll be lucky if I can even get through another abysmal episode of Raw.

AEW, despite its current limitations, is still a show that I feel is worth watching and supporting. They’re actually trying really hard over there to make the best out of a bad situation. Their product is far from perfect but they seem to learn from their mistakes and adjust to new changes and challenges without ego being in their way. They certainly seem a lot less stubborn and are open to trying new things while not pretending that they’ve got the game figured out.

Wrestling is really weird, right now. But this is probably just temporary and things will slowly go back to normal. It’ll be interesting to see how these companies come out of this when the dust settles. Sure, WWE will still be top dog but I don’t think that they’ve won over new fans or impressed anyone with how they’ve handled all of this. Their attitude of “People will just tune in because we’re f’n WWE” isn’t a sound strategy and they are probably going to learn that the hard way.

But with rumors of them trying to sell, they might not care anymore. Granted, rumors are just that and this isn’t the first time rumors like that have surfaced. However, Vince McMahon is getting up there in age, despite him thinking he’s immortal, and with the XFL failing again (probably not his fault) and his kids might not wanting to take the reins, the future isn’t guaranteed.