“Eyes in All Shadows & Other Stories” is Officially Released!

Well, the day has arrived!

Eyes in All Shadows & Other Stories, this first anthology in the Barbarians of the Storm book series, has been released! See HERE!

This book was, by far, the most challenging that I’ve written. I went into it thinking that an anthology of short stories would be a good break between novels. Man, I was wrong.

I guess I didn’t take into account that writing six stories would pretty much be the equivalent of starting six books, as the same sort of preparation goes into them, regardless of length. I’ll probably elaborate on what I’ve learned from this in a future post.

So this book features six stories. One of them is the length of a novella or thereabouts. The other five are 20-30 pages in length. Most of them are ideas for horror stories that I’ve been sitting on for years but was able to work into this book series.

Additionally, each story focuses on a character that has already appeared in the Barbarians of the Storm books. Each primary character featured in these stories is a character that I see as a core one in the series, as a whole.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to include all the stories and characters that I wanted to but based off of what I initially mapped out, I covered a third of the stories with this book. That being said, there will be more anthologies and some other side quests and additional surprises in the future.

Out of the three books, thus far, this one is my favorite. It’s also more serious than the other two because it has to be. It’s a different tone, altogether. Granted, that doesn’t mean that I’ve changed characters to fit the plot: Fenrik is Fenrik.

Other than Fenrik, I don’t want to go into which stories feature which characters. I’d prefer not to spoil anything before people have a chance to read the book. However, I may discuss all of that at length in the future.

Lastly, with all these stories added into the larger mythos, I figured that a timeline was needed to include at the beginning of the book. So, here it is, listing the stories, thus far:

Some of the Social Media Marketing for “Atomic Beasts and Where to Kill Them” – Phase Five

I figured that I’d post some of the GIFs and JPGs I’ve made to promote the second book in the Barbarians of the Storm series. Mainly, because those here, probably don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

So with that, BEHOLD!

The Talking Pulp Press Storefront is Open!

I have been MIA on here for a week, as well as having limited time on social media. I’ve been crushing out the final story in the upcoming anthology book Eyes In All Shadows. As of right now, I have one chapter left to write and then I move on to the final phase, which is proofing and editing everything one last time.

Additionally, I have launched a Talking Pulp Press storefront on Teepublic. (see here). I launched it last Friday with shirts and other merch featuring the Talking Pulp Press and Barbarians of the Storm logos. However, over the weekend, I worked on several other designs. Check the store out to see what’s there.

Today, I finalized the shirts that feature the sings for the taverns featured in the book series. Those are all on sale for the next 72 hours. There are also shirts featuring the book covers, as well as the promo art I’ve made for each story in the upcoming Eyes In All Shadows books.

Next up, I will start working on the flags for the different kingdoms in my stories.

For now, that’s it. I’ve still got a lot of other stuff to work on, as I move into the next phase of the Barbarians of the Storm franchise.

So, check out the shirts, the other merchandise, and get ready for Eyes In All Shadows, as it is getting really damn close to release.

Some of the Social Media Marketing for “Atomic Beasts and Where to Kill Them” – Phase Four

I figured that I’d post some of the GIFs and JPGs I’ve made to promote the second book in the Barbarians of the Storm series. Mainly, because those here, probably don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

So with that, BEHOLD!

Talking Pulp: Creating > Bitching

I posted a thread to Twitter the other day with a quick rundown of these points.

However, I wanted to marinate on the thread. Especially, after getting some feedback. I wanted to expand more on this because Twitter gives you very limited space to express yourself.

So, in an effort to elaborate and get more into the details of what I wanted to say, I figured that I’d write this article on the subject.

The thing is, I’m really getting tired of those who constantly bitch about all the new stuff that comes out in entertainment. Not because their commentary on the shitty films, television shows, comics, and books is inaccurate, but because it is all most of them do with their platform. They say they want good shit again, but there is very little focus on the good things that are actually out there.

Truth be told, I was guilty of the same thing for quite awhile. However, I am able to create and with that talent, I’ve decided to start making the stories I want to read. I wrote for no one else. That’s not to say that I didn’t hope that my books wouldn’t connect with other people. I was just so damn tired of having this void of good, quality, fun escapism and I filled that void myself with the type of stories I needed. Seeing the reactions to my books, I realized that I have also helped to fill that void for other people, which is a humbling, satisfying, but also strange feeling.

As I put my shit out there, I’ve come across many others doing the same; those who make really good stuff that further fills that void. The point is, there are those of us working really damn hard at creating alternatives to the mainstream IPs that are mostly pretty fucking dead. If they haven’t murdered your favorite thing yet, it’s coming.

The thing I find somewhat irritating about the loudest voices that express their disdain over their beloved franchises being ripped to shreds, is that they don’t turn much of their attention to the creators that are trying to give them what they (and their audience) claim they yearn for.

I get it, though, tearing the new Lord of the Rings trailer to shreds is going to get YouTubers a lot of views, and I’m not saying to stop if it feeds your family. However, feeding that fire, ultimately, isn’t going to be productive in the long-term. It also isn’t going to help give the culture what it needs to move forward again.

Sure, we know those things suck and we know why and how they suck, but what about the flipside of that? I guess what I’m asking for is more balance.

If these very opinionated critics and fans put that much energy into building something new, we could truly put the nail in the coffin of the mainstream. YouTubers like RazörFist, Shadiversity, The Critical Drinker, and Eric July are putting their money where their mouth is. They critique but then they create.

After releasing two books this year, my platform has grown. It’s still really fucking small, I’m not kidding myself, but I’m getting an increased amount of engagement and support from like-minded creators and a fresh, quickly expanding fanbase. And man, that feels weird to say, as I’m still not used to people being interested in the IP I am trying to build.

This is why I keep pushing other creators and their projects so damn hard on my Twitter feed (and possibly on a YouTube channel soon, as I’m starting to see the need for one). Those using the “IronAge” hashtag (more on that here) and seeing it as an emerging, unified front that wants to move forward, deserve to be entertained again.

To be frank, I (and many others) don’t give a fuck about the vast majority of these legacy IPs, anymore. Sure, I care about the “culture war” and I do think it is important to point out what is happening to mainstream entertainment, but these things have been such a focus for so long now, that I don’t need to be bombarded with constant reminders that Hollywood is trash. I know it’s trash and I’d rather not pay it any mind anymore because Hollywood will not change and I’ve got to get to work. I have to look ahead and as these IPs burn and the void they leave behind widens, I need to have my shit ready. As does everyone else that has the ability to make something good.

need escapism. The world needs escapism: real escapism.

I need new things to emerge. I need to be excited again. That starts from the ground up, though. I want to move forward with hope and to be inspired by those around me looking towards a bright future. I don’t want to stare angrily into a past that’s been raped, pillaged, murdered, and burnt to the ground by weirdos that don’t live in the real world and hate the real world.

I want to see everyone else, that truly wants to work towards making something better, succeed. I want the best creators to thrive and lead the way.

For those who don’t create, stop giving the things you hate your attention. Look elsewhere. Being pissed off, eternally, at a corporation that hates you is pretty fucking dumb. You can find what you’re looking for, you just have to look away from the train wreck.

The quickest way to make these bastards irrelevant, is to walk past them like they don’t exist… and then go give your money and time to the thing you actually want. But I get it, pissing on Disney, Amazon, Warner Bros. and Netflix is fashionable and profitable. In time, though, no one will care anymore. We’ll all “get it”. Then what?

I just can’t fully embrace negativity like that 24/7 and I can’t ignore great new things in entertainment when I’m seeing so much of it, lately.

As I look to my left, there are so many books from emerging indie authors and publishers in my read pile that I just don’t have time for the garbage.

Great stuff is out there, you just have to look.

Talking Pulp: The Iron Age of Pulp is Upon Us

*Originally posted on the Talking Pulp Press – Substack.

Recently, YouTuber, published author, metal expert, lover of film-noir and Death Wish movies, and all around awesome guy, RazörFist, championed in the birth of the Iron Age (see here). He was talking about grabbing the bull by the horns and just making your own shit. Fuck the gatekeepers and the mainstream, they’re roadblocks to the stories we not only want… but need. Fuck asking permission! Luckily for me, I never have… but neither should you.

While this point was spun-off from RazörFist talking about the success of Eric D. July’s first crowdfunded comic book (which has made well over $3M, at this point), this applies to all creators in the realm of entertainment media. Beyond gamergate, comicsgate, the Fandom Menace, the Rebellion, and every other counter-mainstream movement that has pushed back against the retardation, wokeness, and utter destruction of beloved franchises with legitimate legacies, the Iron Age is all of that coming together and becoming the new culture.

Specifically, in regards to pulp, there is a pretty strong foundation of new authors already. Most, if not all, just started creating their own thing in their own way without being aware that other like-minded creators were doing the same thing.

In my case, I was sick of everything that the mainstream was pumping out and I decided to write the book that I wanted to read: short, fast, action-packed with likable, cool characters, villains that were total bastards, big monsters, and a real sense of brotherhood and kinship.

I didn’t want stories crammed full of political and social allegory. As the real world burned around me, I needed an escape from it, not a constant reminder of it to lecture me and attempt to make me feel bad. If I couldn’t find those stories or real heroes to keep me above the fray, it was up to me to create them. In doing so, and in putting my work out there, I’ve come to discover many others who have essentially done the same.

The main reason I write this, is to express the sense of hope I have that things are improving. I have learned that I am not alone in my attempts at trying to create good stories and good art in a world that severely lacks that stuff, right now. My only fear is that others don’t fully grab the horns of this bull, because I know that together we can do great things and conquer the vile bastards that still have a hold on mainstream entertainment.

In a lot of ways, we have won already. We’ve started to find one another. We have our differences and our own preferences, but ultimately, we all want the same thing as far as the big picture goes.

The best way to success is to cross-pollinate with one another. Cross-promotion and support goes a hell of a long way and since this movement has started to become somewhat defined and been given a name by RazörFist (thankfully not another fucking “-gate”), a rallying cry has been heard by many.

There’s just something in the air now and it’s as if the beacons of Gondor have finally been lit and the merging of great forces have come together to form a grand army against a seemingly unconquerable darkness.

For now, those of us in this thing need to keep working and to keep supporting one another. We need to grow our platforms, just as much as we need to create quality stories and art.

The mainstream has taken nearly everything we’ve loved away from us. If they haven’t destroyed your favorite thing yet, it’s coming. The thing is, all this dismantling and murdering of once massive, great franchises created a void that better writers and artists can and will fill.

Eric D. July’s immense and incredible success only proves that people want and need good stories and characters that they can believe in. While I don’t think that pulp is on the same level of popularity as American superhero comics, who’s to say that it can’t be if the creators have the talent to forge vast worlds and mythos that people will want to escape to.

It’s on all of us with the skill to make this happen.

Going back to what RazörFist said in that video and what I’ve always believed since I was a kid in the ‘80s making my own comics, writing my own stories, and designing my own video games… fuck asking permission. Make your fucking art!

It’s never been easier to create your own work without mainstream publishers. Frankly, everyone I’ve met in this community is always willing to help and offer advice on how to get shit done. If you want to know how I self-published or need guidance or advice, just ask. (My twitter handle is @R0B_DMC)

As I said, we’ve already won. However, it’s not on the world to see that, it’s on us to show them.

Some of the Social Media Marketing for “Atomic Beasts and Where to Kill Them” – Phase Three

*Originally posted on the Talking Pulp Press – Substack.

I figured that I’d post some of the GIFs and JPGs I’ve made to promote the second book in the Barbarians of the Storm series. Mainly, because those here, probably don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

So with that, BEHOLD!

Some of the Social Media Marketing for “Atomic Beasts and Where to Kill Them” – Phase Two

*Originally posted on the Talking Pulp Press – Substack.

I figured that I’d post some of the GIFs and JPGs I’ve made to promote the second book in the Barbarians of the Storm series. Mainly, because those here, probably don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

So with that, BEHOLD!

Some of the Social Media Marketing for “Atomic Beasts and Where to Kill Them” – Phase One

*Originally posted on the Talking Pulp Press – Substack.

I figured that I’d post some of the GIFs and JPGs I’ve made to promote the second book in the Barbarians of the Storm series. Mainly, because those here, probably don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

So with that, BEHOLD!

“Atomic Beasts and Where to Kill Them” is Officially Released!… and “Dan the Destructor” has a new cover to match!

*Originally posted on the Talking Pulp Press – Substack.

While my Memorial Day weekend was wrecked by shenanigans and frustration with Amazon’s KDP platform, I have finally gotten everything right and the new book is now out for purchase as a paperback or in the lamer Kindle format.

I only kid, but c’mon… paperbacks are cooler than e-books and my whole inspiration for this book series are the old pulp paperbacks of my youth. Plus, I get more royalties off of the paperbacks and they will continue to exist when the grid goes down.

Now that the production of this book is behind me, I have more time to dedicate to this site and a few other projects, while the ideas for Book III take shape in my brain. I know where the next book needs to go, generally speaking, as a civil war must come to an end. However, once you read Atomic Beasts, you will see that many characters end up in very different places, in very perilous situations, and I have to find a way to bring them out of that (or not) and eventually bring them all back together.

For this “phase” of the series, its first, I see Book II and Book III as a two-part second act of the story I want to tell. The eventual Book IV will most likely close out the first phase of this growing franchise. And yes, I do have plans for a big second phase of stories.

Additionally, I need to start working on a few different short story anthologies. I want to do one (or two) collections featuring Fenrik stories, as well as an anthology of origins for the important, core characters. Additionally, I want to do a book (possibly three) that cover Frank Murdock’s time in this world from when he arrived, all the way up to the events of the first “saga” book, Dan the Destructor.

For now, I hope you check out Atomic Beasts and Where to Find Them and that you enjoy it as much as Dan the Destructor, or even more so. It’s a bigger story, more ambitious, and grows the mythos of this franchise quite a bit.

And who is that badass chick on the cover? You’ll have to read and find out!