“Eyes in All Shadows & Other Stories” is Officially Released!

Well, the day has arrived!

Eyes in All Shadows & Other Stories, this first anthology in the Barbarians of the Storm book series, has been released! See HERE!

This book was, by far, the most challenging that I’ve written. I went into it thinking that an anthology of short stories would be a good break between novels. Man, I was wrong.

I guess I didn’t take into account that writing six stories would pretty much be the equivalent of starting six books, as the same sort of preparation goes into them, regardless of length. I’ll probably elaborate on what I’ve learned from this in a future post.

So this book features six stories. One of them is the length of a novella or thereabouts. The other five are 20-30 pages in length. Most of them are ideas for horror stories that I’ve been sitting on for years but was able to work into this book series.

Additionally, each story focuses on a character that has already appeared in the Barbarians of the Storm books. Each primary character featured in these stories is a character that I see as a core one in the series, as a whole.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to include all the stories and characters that I wanted to but based off of what I initially mapped out, I covered a third of the stories with this book. That being said, there will be more anthologies and some other side quests and additional surprises in the future.

Out of the three books, thus far, this one is my favorite. It’s also more serious than the other two because it has to be. It’s a different tone, altogether. Granted, that doesn’t mean that I’ve changed characters to fit the plot: Fenrik is Fenrik.

Other than Fenrik, I don’t want to go into which stories feature which characters. I’d prefer not to spoil anything before people have a chance to read the book. However, I may discuss all of that at length in the future.

Lastly, with all these stories added into the larger mythos, I figured that a timeline was needed to include at the beginning of the book. So, here it is, listing the stories, thus far:

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