“Atomic Beasts and Where to Kill Them” is Officially Released!… and “Dan the Destructor” has a new cover to match!

*Originally posted on the Talking Pulp Press – Substack.

While my Memorial Day weekend was wrecked by shenanigans and frustration with Amazon’s KDP platform, I have finally gotten everything right and the new book is now out for purchase as a paperback or in the lamer Kindle format.

I only kid, but c’mon… paperbacks are cooler than e-books and my whole inspiration for this book series are the old pulp paperbacks of my youth. Plus, I get more royalties off of the paperbacks and they will continue to exist when the grid goes down.

Now that the production of this book is behind me, I have more time to dedicate to this site and a few other projects, while the ideas for Book III take shape in my brain. I know where the next book needs to go, generally speaking, as a civil war must come to an end. However, once you read Atomic Beasts, you will see that many characters end up in very different places, in very perilous situations, and I have to find a way to bring them out of that (or not) and eventually bring them all back together.

For this “phase” of the series, its first, I see Book II and Book III as a two-part second act of the story I want to tell. The eventual Book IV will most likely close out the first phase of this growing franchise. And yes, I do have plans for a big second phase of stories.

Additionally, I need to start working on a few different short story anthologies. I want to do one (or two) collections featuring Fenrik stories, as well as an anthology of origins for the important, core characters. Additionally, I want to do a book (possibly three) that cover Frank Murdock’s time in this world from when he arrived, all the way up to the events of the first “saga” book, Dan the Destructor.

For now, I hope you check out Atomic Beasts and Where to Find Them and that you enjoy it as much as Dan the Destructor, or even more so. It’s a bigger story, more ambitious, and grows the mythos of this franchise quite a bit.

And who is that badass chick on the cover? You’ll have to read and find out!

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