Documentary Review: Kirby at War (2017)

Also known as: Kirby at War: La Guerre De Kirby (original French title)
Release Date: November 20th, 2017 (France)
Directed by: Marc Azema, Jean Depelley
Music by: Raphael Gesqua

Metaluna Productions, Passe Simple, 52 Minutes


This was a neat little television documentary made in France about Jack Kirby’s life in World War II and how that experience inspired some of his artistic work in comics.

I found it pretty interesting and the host of the documentary actually went to some of the locations where Kirby and his company fought the Nazis. It was cool seeing these locations and having some of the battles explained.

However, this was choppily edited at times and it also felt like a lot of it was rushed through. I felt like it needed more detail and more time to let certain things marinate. But it seems like this needed to fit within the running time of a one hour format.

This would’ve benefitted from not having television constraints. Something over an hour would’ve made this a more enriching experience.

Still, if you like Jack Kirby’s work and war stories, this is a good mashup of the two.

Rating: 6/10

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