Comic Review: Dark Souls, Vol. 1: The Breath of Andolus

Published: November 9th, 2016
Written by: George Mann
Art by: Alan Quah
Based on: Dark Souls by FromSoftware, Hidetaka Miyazaki

Titan Comics, 103 Pages


Fuck, this was a disappointment.

I was expecting some solid expansion on the Dark Souls mythos from the games but all this was, was another story like each game is its own story. However, this just used some concepts and ideas and didn’t even really feel like it fit that well within the already established canons of the three existing games. It also felt like it was in conflict with it.

Frankly, this felt like half-assed fan fiction from someone who played a third of one of the games, gave up because it was too hard and then had to guess the rest of the story.

With the three video games that exist, you have three unique stories. Because of that, I don’t think anyone wants a comic that is its own version of a new story. I think that fans would rather have comics (and books) that expand any of the three canons we are already familiar with.

We want stories about Solaire, Siegmeyer, Oscar, Artorias, Anri and Horace, etc. Also, more understanding of the primary bosses and their personal mythos. We want to see the universes we’re already familiar with to become more fleshed out.

I didn’t like this, at all, and it’s made it so that I don’t want to read the other Dark Souls comic book stories unless someone, whose opinion I trust, informs me that they started to make the stories I’d want to read.

Rating: 5/10