Book Review: ‘Once Upon a Time In Hollywood’ by Quentin Tarantino

I didn’t realize that Quentin Tarantino wrote some of his own novelizations until he was promoting this one on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

When I was a kid, I used to love reading movie novelizations, as they were usually written with an earlier version of the script and often times featured deleted scenes, alternate scenes and a lot more context, as the writer could go directly into the characters’ heads and also flesh out the scenes a bit more.

So I figured that Tarantino would do the same and actually make a richer story than what we got with the cinematic version, which I liked on its own.

This was a pretty quick and entertaining read. It added a little color to the story but there wasn’t anything that stuck out as being totally new. However, I’ve also only seen the film once and it’s been a few years now.

I liked revisiting the story, though. The whole sequence at the ranch and the finale were both pretty great in this book, as Tarantino got to explore that territory in a way that you can’t just visually.

Ultimately, this was a pretty solid and engaging experience.

Rating: 8/10

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