Book Review: ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G. Edward Griffin

I first read this book about a dozen years ago but after reading Ron Paul’s ‘End the Fed’, this was naturally the next thing that I picked up on the subject of the Federal Reserve.

This book goes through its very seedy creation and outlines the ideas of why it was established by fierce finance industry competitors who wanted to build a monopoly on money and control the entire system for their infinite benefit.

The book is compelling and it does go through not just the Federal Reserve and its history but it also is an economics lesson, especially in regards to where these ideas came from and how monetary systems work.

Now the book is also written by a guy that has some conspiracy theory beliefs that I don’t agree with and with that, it’s hard to take certain parts of this story at face value. However, beyond the Hollywood-like first chapter of the book, this still gets right into the economics of everything in a pretty profound way.

This book has become somewhat of a cult classic for both libertarian thinking people and others opposed to the influence and power of the Federal Reserve.

While it can be pretty dry and a lot to absorb at certain points, it’s still a worthwhile read on those who want to better understand the economic policy of the United States since 1913.

Rating: 8/10
Pairs well with: other books about the history, creation and practices of The Federal Reserve.