Film Review: PG: Psycho Goreman (2020)

Also known as: Psycho Goreman (original title)
Release Date: September 10th, 2020 (Stiges Film Festival)
Directed by: Steven Kostanski
Written by: Steven Kostanski
Music by: Blitz//Berlin
Cast: Nita-Josee Hanna, Owen Myre, Steven Vlahos, Adam Brooks, Alexis Hancey, Matthew Ninaber, Reece Presley

Dystopia Films, Raven Banner Entertainment, RLJE Films, Shudder, 95 Minutes


“The horrors you have just witnessed cannot be unseen. Your young minds will carry this until it consumes you in a miserable death.” – Psycho Goreman, “Cool.” – Mimi

With retro-styled horror and sci-fi films being all the rage lately and for having a pretty great trailer, I had to rent this as soon as I was made aware of it.

Although, it is distributed by Shudder and therefore, will probably stream on their service very soon. I wanted to give the people behind the movie my money though, as they earned it just through the trailer alone.

Anyway, I’m glad that I rented this, as it hit the right notes and was a fuck ton of fun with a good amount of ridiculous gore, slapstick-y humor and kid actors that were much better than most and carried this film.

The movie also homages a lot of great things in very subtle ways that the ’80s horror or sci-fi aficionado should pick up on while the basic normie will have no idea. Granted, this might be too much for the basic normie to handle, which kind of makes it more enjoyable.

The plot is about two siblings that awaken an alien badass in their backyard. The young girl controls the deadly alien by possessing his magic gem. With that, she prevents him from destroying the universe but also uses him as her pet and new BFF.

As the story rolls on, other aliens arrive to destroy the alien badass but eventually, he regains full power and unleashes hell. However, having discovered love through the young girl and her dysfunctional family, the alien spares them of harm. This also ends in a way where a sequel is possible, which I definitely wouldn’t mind.

I thought that the special effects were great for what they were. While there are some CGI flourishes throughout the film, the costumes and monsters are all done with practical effects and look superb. All the weird characters kind of give this movie the look of a Power Rangers episode that was produced in Hell and I certainly mean that very complimentary.

I also like that this movie breaks some of the modern tropes with showing families in entertainment. Sure, they go down the typical trope road but then subvert expectations in a good way and ultimately, the family comes together in the end, strengthening their bond and even turning the loser dad into a hero in his own way.

While this isn’t my favorite film in this style, it is one of the better ones and it’s something I would probably re-watch with some regularity.

Plus, Psycho Goreman is just an awesome character. I’m down to watch him fuck stuff up, again and again.

Rating: 7/10
Pairs well with: other films that Steven Kostanski was involved in.

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