Book Review: ‘Ghost In the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker’ by Kevin Mitnick

This was suggested by Amazon when I bought This Machine Kills Secrets, so I bought it as well, as I figured it’d also be a pretty intriguing read.

Well, I wasn’t disappointed.

Kevin Mitnick is now a computer security consultant but before that, he was the most wanted hacker in the world, who was arrested in 1995 and spent five years in prison.

Luckily for us, he’s also a good writer and had one hell of a story to tell.

The crimes he was charged with were 14 counts of wire fraud, 8 counts of possession of unauthorized access devices, interception of wire or electronic communications, unauthorized access to a federal computer and causing damage to a computer.

His story is pretty exciting even before all that though and this autobiography had me from the get-go, as Mitnick went all the way back to his childhood and explained how he got into hacking and all the shenanigans he did while trying to perfect his craft.

The stuff about his early years was pretty exciting and this was immediately better than most autobiographies, which just summarize fairly mundane or normal childhoods.

Once you go beyond that and into adulthood, things pick up even more and Mitnick wrote a compelling tale about a high-tech skill but told in a way that any layman could understand.

I don’t want to ruin all the details and spoil the book for those who may have an interest in it. All I can really say is that it’s damn good, one of the best on its subject and that almost anyone will probably enjoy it.

Rating: 9.25/10
Pairs well with: other books about cypherpunk culture and hacking.