Talking Pulp Update (11/5/2020): Mehpocalypse

Well, I’m at the end of the road here with scheduled posts. Not too long ago, I was ahead by nearly six weeks, as The ‘Rona allowed me to hole up, watch a fuck ton of movies and write a lot of reviews and other shit.

But then I also got massively burnt out and then was put off by changes to the WordPress system that made me pretty fucking apathetic to this whole thing.

Being that I also accomplished my two biggest goals with this website, I felt like the timing couldn’t have been better to step away.

This was a fun hobby and that’s all it was really supposed to be, as I wanted to chronicle my thoughts and opinions on the massive amount of pop culture shit I’ve covered here since November of 2016.

Plus, my life is packed full of a lot of things that drain my energy but also provide more fruitful rewards than just personal satisfaction.

I’ve also noticed a trend over the few years that I’ve ran this site and that’s the fact that people don’t really seem to read anymore. I get a lot of clicks and that number has significantly increased year-after-year but actual engagement is damn near non-existent. Every passing year sees engagement drop. And that trend had already been happening with other blogs before I started this one.

This site pulled in a lot of views via social media but even that has dried up, as with each passing year, people only seem to care about short tweets and sensational headlines without context or even an actual click. It’s pretty demotivating for someone who likes to write and discuss opinions, ideas and discover new things from actual interaction and feedback.

This isn’t a “woe is me” rant, it’s just taken me a long time to really accept that blogging might be dead. Sure, blog sites in general are still going strong but we live in a disingenuous clickbait, slideshow world now.

I’m not going to write utter, useless shit and completely bury my content in countless ads that will crash the reader’s browser.

Anyway, I’ll still write and post stuff as I feel like it but there are no guarantees that I’ll write with any sort of regularity. Hell, I could just disappear off of here a week from now. I’m just going to play it by ear from day-to-day.

Who knows, maybe something will happen and I’ll return with vigor and enthusiasm. I always have when I’ve moved on from other blogs in the past. My brain just needs a break and WordPress has made it so that I don’t even want to use the platform anymore.

Maybe I’ll end up building something new from scratch but I need time to see where the wind blows me.

See you on the other side, maybe.

2 thoughts on “Talking Pulp Update (11/5/2020): Mehpocalypse

  1. Totally agree on the engagement front. People only seem to be interested in being fooled by clickbait, communicating with memes, or worshipping Youtube “personalities”.

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