Talking Pulp Update (10/22/2020): It’s Almost Halloween! So Let’s Bring the Horror! (and an Update on Talking Pulp’s Lack of Future)

Saturday begins Talking Pulp’s nine day celebration of Halloween. It is also the big grand finale of the site at its current rate of output. That being said, there will be a lot of content from Saturday, October 24th through Sunday, November 1st, because we’ve watched a lot of horror to celebrate the month (yes, month) of Halloween, as well as to go out with a big ass bang before content slows down significantly.

In the last few site updates I’ve discussed Talking Pulp winding down. That day draws even closer now.

I’m not sure how much I’ll write in the future but life is taking me in other directions. Additionally, this site requires a lot of time that I just don’t have, as it isn’t in any way a financial benefit and I’d rather make more money working on new things than continue on with a hobby that has become a second full-time job that my OCD can’t seem to deprioritize over other productive pursuits that would be a better use of my time and effort.

I still plan to write things but I’m no longer going to hold myself to a schedule and a general framework. This was always supposed to be a hobby and more of a reference for myself with the possibility of using material written here for new books. I still may compile some things into different books that I’ve had planned out in my head for awhile.

I’ll most likely give another update, as we get closer to the end and I have more of an idea of what’s next.

For now, look forward to more content than usual, as I try to go out with a bang, celebrating my favorite holiday.

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