Talking Pulp Update (10/2/2020): Fuck Your Editor, WordPress

So, I guess the time has finally come where WordPress is forcing its fucking awful block editor on me. It’s absolute shit, looks like shit and is so minimalistic and wonky it reminds me of my last alcoholic ex-girlfriend.

Also, now it is saying I am “not allowed to edit this post.” Yet, I’m the admin and the only user on this site. Whatever. I guess if you are reading this, I was at least able to post it. But this interface is such a fucking mess that my eyes hurt just typing this rant.

What happened to style, to nuance, to beauty, to choices and customer satisfaction? Tech companies don’t give a shit. They’re business model is all about, “Look at our cool new shit!!! Don’t you love our cool new shit?!!!” *no answer* “Ah, well, whatever… you’ll get used to it. Oh, by the way, once you do, we’ll just pull the rug out from under you because… Look at our cool new shit!!!”

I’ve been a premium member across multiple blogs for at least a decade and a half. To go back to the classic style editor, I need to download and install a plugin. However, I’m only allowed to do that if I upgrade to a business account. Well, this isn’t a fucking business and I’m already paying a lot for the type of account I have.

Furthermore, the classic editor, even as a plugin, will no longer be supported by the end of 2021. So I’m not going to pay hundreds for a temporary fix when WordPress could just allow us the option we’ve always had of using the classic editor.

But hey, I was seriously considering slowing down with Talking Pulp because I’ve now achieved two of the three major goals I had for it and the third goal isn’t really one I can complete.

If anything, I guess this horseshit helped make my decision easier. While I do have content scheduled out till almost the end of October, that might be it for me. Unless, there is some satisfactory resolution to these issues.

However, if I’m having difficulty just posting this, let alone saving drafts as I type, what’s the fucking point?

I’ve been a loyal WordPress user since the mid-’00s, using it for personal blogs, business websites and many other side projects and side hustles. But I guess in the end, it’s the snot-nosed, Silicon Valley dweebs that will shape the world in their lame, sterile, unimaginative image.

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