Talking Pulp Update (8/17/2020): My 2000th Film Review! …and the Future

Well, it’s less than 48 hours away from the scheduled posting of my milestone 2000th film review! I’ve also got something special planned for my 2001st, which should be obvious by it being that number.

Anyway, I’ve written a lot of film reviews. Not as many as Roger Ebert or Leonard Maltin but definitely 2000 more than my cousin, Randy Jr.!

I’ve also got posts scheduled out till late September because I’m ridiculously ahead of my normal schedule. Pre-COVID, I used to try and stay a week ahead. Now I’m like 5-6 weeks ahead.

Point being, and I’ve said this before, I’m fucking tired. I’m also burnt out. I’ve also covered just about every major thing I’ve ever wanted to review except for some films that many consider classics that I haven’t gotten around to yet.

Sorry, some of those movies are ungodly long (I’m looking at you Gone With the Wind) and I have shit to do like laundry, giving money to strippers and going to comic shops to waste money on crap like Welcome Back, Kotter and ALF comics.

Initially, I had three goals with Talking Pulp.

  1. Review every film ever featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  2. Review every film from every major franchise or film series that I’m interested in (and some I’m not).
  3. Draw attention to lesser-known films that deserve more recognition.

Well, I’ve finished number one, I’m nearly done with number two and there will always be interesting older movies that I’ll discover, as time goes on, which makes completing number three an impossibility.

So I’m at a crossroads.

Do I pack it up and move on? Do I come up with new objectives for Talking Pulp? Or do I just go on a long vacation, mentally recharge and decide later since so much shit is already scheduled out?

I’m probably going with the last option.

I’ve still got some posts I’m working on, as I watched a lot of movies this past weekend with my ex, who needed a place to crash and be all emo. Which, typically means coming over and bugging me while I’m trying to watch movies or build cool shit in Conan Exiles.

She’s lovely, she really is. I’m just being insensitive because she made me drink the rest of the wine after I emptied out everything on the bourbon shelf.

Moral of the story, I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing but I guess I should take some time to figure it out. Being that I also have other projects that could equate to a lot of money, which this website never will, they may have to take priority. I need money for more shitty comics that are worthless and Bianca at Teasers will only act like she likes me if I give her cash.

I should also actually start getting my shit together on YouTube, as blogging and Twitter are dying. People don’t want to read. Hell, I’m just talking to myself by this point in the post.

With that being said, I’ll sign off with a bit of advice from the always inspirational and motivating Mr. T.

Drink your school! Stay in drugs! And don’t do milk!

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