Talking Pulp Update (7/31/2020): My Brain Is Poop; My Body Is Pooper

It’s still July but I’ve got posts scheduled out into September, that’s how far ahead of schedule I’ve been thanks to COVIDMANIA runnin’ wild on Earth.

That being said, I’m really burnt out and I’ve sort of been in a vegetative state the last several days. I feel like this state may continue through the weekend and into the foreseeable future beyond that. But since I’m so far ahead, content may not be disrupted by the time I find my mojo and drive again.

However, and I’ve said this before, I need to slow down my output. What my output will be, I’m not sure yet.

As I said last update, my comic is written. I’ve got to figure out what to do with it next. It’s 96 pages and I’m thinking that I need to break it up or whittle it down.

I’ve also got ideas for other things I want to work on that should probably require more of my time and brainpower, as this site makes no money and these other projects could potentially make a lot of money.

So that’s basically it. If something does indeed change drastically, I’ll give another update.

For now, I’m going to go bury my head in a barrel of something 80+ proof and I’m only planning on coming back up after I lose my vision.

It’d be nice if the Key West strip clubs were fully operational and shit there was back to normal but I guess I should just go apologize to my ex-girlfriend and ride that out again for a few months until her mother starts complaining about my body hair clogging up the shower drain again.

You know, bears have feelings too, Mrs. Wilde!

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