Comic Review: Adam Post’s College of the Dead

Published: 2019
Written by: Stefan Petrucha
Art by: Javier Aranda

Adam Post Media Group, 140 Pages


I backed this on Indiegogo a few months back and I was glad to finally get it in my hands, even if I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The story is about a zombie outbreak that sees some college students have to try and band together to fight off the invasion.

Overall, the story was fun and action packed.

It’s pretty straightforward, although it does have some twists that happen and the ending is pretty good and really ups the ante in regards to the overall story and where this could possibly go with a future tale.

Side note: I do have the sequel, as well, and will probably review it in the very near future.

This comic is pretty thick and it’s presented in black and white, so drawing comparisons to The Walking Dead is just natural. However, this doesn’t try to replicate that more famous franchise. It does its own thing, tells its own kind of story and from a narrative standpoint, it delivers.

My only real gripe is the format of the book, which just gives you two large landscape panels per page. Each panel is the same size and the book also has pretty large margins. Page after page, the layout is becomes boring and it takes away from the overall book, as it needed to be more dynamic in presentation.

Additionally, in regards to the art, there were some photographic images used for some of the backgrounds and other things like trees. I’m not sure if that was done for budgetary reasons or to get this out quicker. It’s nothing that breaks the book or looks all that out of place but it is something that I feel like I should mention.

Still, I enjoyed College of the Dead for the most part and I’m happy to read the followup and review that one as well.

Rating: 6/10
Pairs well with: its sequel and other indie zombie comics of the modern era.

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