Video Game Review: Balloon Fight (NES)

I vaguely remember Balloon Fight from my childhood, as I never owned it and it was one of those games your friends’ would have but you’d pass it up in favor of Castlevania or Zelda.

It’s pretty fun, though, and it feels a lot like Joust but with balloons attached to the characters and more environmental dangers.

Also, each level gives you a fresh new layout, so that you’re not playing the same screen over and over again.

While I don’t enjoy it as much as Joust, it is an improvement in design with the same general concept and playing style. However, it’s mostly a slower paced game. But don’t be fooled, as the lack of speed can also work against you in that it can be really hard trying to traverse yourself out of a real pickle.

The game isn’t complicated, it should probably appeal to all ages and skill levels and it’s a good way to kill twenty minutes.

Rating: 6.5/10
Pairs well with: Joust, the original Mario Bros., Solomon’s Key, Fire ‘n Ice and other 4-bit/8-bit era single screen action/puzzle games.

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