Comic Review: Professor Dario Bava, Paranormal Playboy

Published: February, 2020
Written by: Phil Mucci, various
Art by: Mike Dubisch, Phil Mucci, various

A Diabolik Grafik, 96 Pages


This was one of the very first indie comics that I backed on Indiegogo, back in 2018. It finally arrived about a month ago, so I gave it a read, as I was really excited to see how it turned out, especially since I am a junkie for Italian giallo flicks and old school horror comics.

I really liked that this was done in a magazine size like the graphic novels I grew up with in the ’80s.

I also chose the variant cover, which is the same as the picture I used for this post. I thought that it was just badass and even if the comic could potentially suck, it was a hell of a piece of art to buy and keep till the end of time.

However, the comic did not suck and overall, it was cool, energetic and a refreshing blast.

My only complaint is that I wished that the main story was longer and that this wasn’t padded with multiple short stories. While I enjoyed just about everything, I was more captivated by the primary tale and wished there was just a bit more meat and potatoes.

All of the writers, as there were various due to the short stories, were able to capture a similar tone throughout this. I also thought that the various artists did a good job of keeping things fairly consistent.

Rating: 6.5/10
Pairs well with: stuff like Dylan Dog and Joe Golem.

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