Vids I Dig 293: Whang!: Scientology vs. The Internet – Tales From the Internet

Taken from Justin Whang’s YouTube description: Scientology had long been a target of mockery on the Internet, but it grew exponentially after an episode of South Park exposed more people to its inner workings. After they sent a legal threat to YTMND to take down a number of the sites that were made mocking them, YTMND’s owner, Max Goldberg upted the ante by creating a new section on the front page dedicated solely to making sites at Scientology’s expense. Among the jokes was a site called “The Unfunny Truth About Scientology,” which exposed a large audience to more serious scandals that Church had, including the Lisa Mcpherson case.

After YTMND had moved on without Scientology following up on its threats, 4Chan took up the mantle against Scientology with its Project Chanology campaign.

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