Video Game Review: Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters (Gameboy)

As much as I have liked firing up and playing the original Kid Icarus every few years since I was a kid, I had never played its sequel, which was released on the Gameboy, as opposed to the original Nintendo.

I feel like this is a severely underutilized franchise and to date, there have only been three Kid Icarus games made. Granted, the character of Pit does make appearances in other games, sometimes as simple cameos and sometimes as a playable character like in the Super Smash Bros. game series.

Despite quite a lengthy break between the first game and this one, Of Myths and Monsters doesn’t really break any new ground. In fact, this almost exactly follows the template of the first game in how it goes from vertical scrolling levels to side scrolling ones and then gives you a fortress at the end of each world that can scroll in either direction.

Furthermore, this has the same amount of levels, laid out the same way. The graphics almost look identical, even though this lacks color, and the mechanics function about the same, although platform jumping seems a bit improved here.

My only real complaint is lack of color, which couldn’t be avoided due to the Gameboy platform at the time. However, the final level in this is ridiculously insane.

But this chapter in the series does improve one major thing: boss battles.

Where Kid Icarus had lame, easy to beat bosses that were still incredibly tedious to fight because of their hit count, Of Myth and Monsters actually gives us some cool bosses, especially the final boss, that aren’t as maddening to fight.

But even with better bosses, this is still bogged down by the last level and the black and white presentation. So I guess this makes it break even with the original game.

Rating: 7/10
Pairs well with: the original Kid Icarus, as well as other NES and Gameboy action fantasy or sci-fi games like the two original Zeldas, Rygar or Metroid.

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