Talking Pulp Update (12/13/2019): 3000 Posts! I Guess That’s a Milestone

Well, here at Talking Pulp, we’ve reached our 3000th published post. We’ve covered a lot in three years and we plan to cover a lot more in the future.

Starting out as Cinespiria, a site dedicated to the art of filmmaking that tried to shine a light on underappreciated and unknown films from all genres, we quickly evolved into covering other things like comics, retro video games, as well as providing some pop culture commentary.

This is a pretty cool and unplanned birthday present, as my birthday is actually tomorrow. So I guess I’ll have one extra glass of bourbon and some surf on my turf to also celebrate this milestone.

A special thanks goes out to those of you who read the site daily, especially those who comment and engage. We’ve grown, we’re doing well and hopefully we can continue to do so.