Video Game Review: Willow (NES)

Strangely, I never rented or even borrowed this game as a kid. I knew it existed but even though I loved the film, I guess the game didn’t appeal to my pre-middle school brain.

Having played it now, this is one of the best action RPGs on the original Nintendo. The gameplay style reminds me a lot of the stupendous Crystalis. It also has similarities to the original Zelda.

You play as Willow and work your way through the same general plot of the film, except this mostly plays like all the side quests that you maybe didn’t see on the big screen in the film itself.

This alters the movie’s plot to fit the game better but it expands on a lot of things and gives more context. Granted, none of this context is really canon within the Willow story but it works and it makes the game pretty interesting.

In fact, had they incorporated some of the ideas from the game into the film, they maybe could’ve expanded Willow into an epic fantasy trilogy, as opposed to just a one-off film that’s still never gotten a cinematic followup.

The gameplay is smooth, the graphics are damn good and I like the music and sound effects.

Willow was a much better experience than I had anticipated and if you dig the movie or just dig action RPGs, this is definitely worth your time.

Rating: 8.25/10
Pairs well with: other action RPGs from the original Nintendo, primarily Crystalis.

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