Retro Relapse: The Magic of Monaco

RETRO RELAPSE is a series of older articles from various places where I used to write before Talking Pulp.

*Written in 2014.

There is something pretty special about the Monaco Grand Prix.

To start is it’s name. It is named after its hosting country Monaco, the beautiful sovereign city-state located on the French Riviera – surrounded by France and near the Italian border.

It isn’t like all the other Formula 1 races that are named after large and well-known hosting countries; some notables being the British Grand Prix, the Spanish Grand Prix, the Chinese Grand Prix, the Brazilian Grand Prix, the Australian Grand Prix, the United States Grand Prix and so on. No, the Monaco Grand Prix is unique in its distinction – it is a tiny nation and known across the world by racing fans of all social and economic backgrounds almost entirely because of this race.

There are a lot of insanely beautiful circuits throughout the entire Formula 1 calendar but something about Monaco sets it apart. There is an added level of mystique and beauty. There is a greater degree of pageantry that sets the bar at a height that other places can’t seem to reach. Between the waterfront littered with luxurious yachts and the old European architecture that creates majestic looking canyon walls next to the lightning fast Formula 1 cars weaving between them, there is just a little something extra special about this world-renowned race.

The Monaco Grand Prix is Formula 1 at it’s most prestigious level. Monaco is the sport at its absolute best and is the highlight of the season from year-to-year. It has been the standard bearer for the sport going as far back as 1929. It is also considered one of the world’s greatest races and is on a level similar to that of Le Mans.

In fact, the 24 Hours of Le Mans is the only race that I’d rank above it. However, Le Mans is a different type of motorsport. Formula 1 is the pinnacle of auto racing and with Monaco being the pinnacle of Formula 1, you can’t not respect and appreciate it.

For those who have never watched this truly amazing race, it will be on this weekend. This year’s Monaco Grand Prix should be one for the ages, as Lewis Hamilton is going for his fifth straight win, as Mercedes has dominated the sport this season. Also, Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel is still arguably the greatest driver since Michael Schumacher and he will most likely be at his best this weekend. Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen will turn up the heat, as both are still top level drivers and have a lot to prove due to their misfortune so far this season.

Formula 1 is the greatest motorsport in the world and possibly the greatest sport in the world. This weekend we are once again treated to the best this sport has to offer. Grab some real champagne, not that sparkling wine crap, and eat about five pounds of Gruyèrs and croissants because it will be a special day that we only get once a year.