Video Game Review: Mega Man IV (NES)

Playing through the first three games, I remembered them well. I know that I did play this one, as well as parts V and VI but they didn’t stick with me, as I didn’t play them as much as I did the first three.

Revisiting this one was cool though.

I like most of the enemy robots and thought that they all had pretty good designs and most of their weapons were cool to use.

Additionally, the level design in this game is superb. There wasn’t a dull level and the challenges and length of the maps were well balanced and close to perfect.

One thing I totally forgot though, was that there are two final fortresses to work through. There is a scientist that isn’t Dr. Wily, who has been forced to work against you. Once you defeat him, you then go on to Wily’s castle, which is a quicker fortress to work through than the previous games but the added second fortress before it actually makes the final act of the game pretty long.

Overall, this was a solid installment to the series and, at this point, this may be the most consistently great video game series created for the original Nintendo.

Rating: 8.75/10
Pairs well with: all the other Mega Man games for the NES.