Video Game Review: Mega Man III (NES)

This chapter in the Mega Man franchise may be the pinnacle.

While I prefer the level design and the enemy robots of the second game, this one is nearly as good in both those regards but it also offers more options as far as weapons and it also has more innovation in the overall gameplay mechanics.

Although that snake level may take the cake, even over the second game’s stellar levels.

This entry also benefits by being the longest of the six classic Nintendo games. The final Wily fortress levels are pretty beefy and there are six of them. The games after this installment only had four Wily stages.

Also, the Wily fortress bosses in this game are cooler and provide for some of the best battles in the franchise.

Additionally, this game features all of the robots from the previous games, so this is a game that is truly stuffed with everything up to this point in the series.

We also get the debut of Proto Man in this one, which I thought was a super cool character when I first played through this.

As a total package, this game just has it all. It’s close to perfect, top to bottom, and I can only give it praise.

Rating: 9.5/10
Pairs well with: all the other Mega Man games for the NES.