Video Game Review: Mega Man II (NES)

Mega Man II is the first Mega Man game I played. And man, the moment I fired it up and started playing, I was hooked and also, a fan for life.

Well, a fan for life as far as the side scrolling Mega Man titles go. I never really got into the 3D ones from the late ’90s and on but that’s also because I just never got to play them other than demos. Plus, those came out in a time when I was wasting my money on chicks like a horny teenage moron.

Anyway, this is the game that really set the formula going forward.

It introduced eight robot baddies, instead of six like the first game. It also had better and more clever level design where the environment often times played a factor whether it was underwater physics or dealing with changes in wind.

This also introduced new powers that were exclusively Mega Man’s own useful tools, separate from the weapons and tools you got from beating the bosses.

This is just an energetic, fun game. It has cooler villains, overall, from the first game. It also has cooler levels and it’s prettier to look at. It’s like the programmers took a course on color theory, as the use of color in the levels really sets a mood.

Mega Man II is the game I played the most in the series but I think liked the third game a wee bit more. But I guess I’ll have to revisit that one and review it too.

Rating: 9/10
Pairs well with: all the other Mega Man games for the NES.

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