Talking Pulp Update (10/12/2019): A Sabbatical Is Needed… It’s Not You, It’s Me

I’m taking a few weeks off.

Actually, by the time this is scheduled to post, I will have already been gone for a few days.

I’m going to Atlanta, Greenville, Asheville and every brewery, comic shop and vinyl shop in-between.

I’m severely burnt out, not from this website but from my regular job and life. I asked for a longer than normal sabbatical from my employer to recharge my batteries and to not give a fuck about anything for a little while.

I also apologize for not being as social or engaging, as of late. My mum died, my entire department at work is down to just me and trying to manage my mum’s estate in the wake of her death is a full-time job on top of my real job and this site.

However, on top of all my personal shit, I’ve worked hard to keep Talking Pulp thriving and it has hit a good stride. Over the past year, I’ve tripled traffic, have seen a lot more engagement here (and on social media) and have also expanded what this site covers.

When this started in November of 2016 as Cinespiria, it was primarily about movies, the art of filmmaking and drawing attention to genres and film styles that don’t get a lot of love in modern times.

As Talking Pulp, I review a ton of comics, video games, TV, documentaries, books and have been trying to devote more time to original articles about pop culture in general.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of doing something with the YouTube channel. What that is, I’m not sure but I’d like to really just start with live streaming and talking about the things I cover on the site, preferably with a panel of guests.

I try to listen to the feedback I get and implement changes that fit within the framework of what this site has become. But it is always evolving.

When I get back from this sabbatical, I’ll give another update regarding where I’m at and when my regular content will start up again on my typical posting schedule.

Also, November is around the corner and I’d like to gear up for Noirvember, as I couldn’t participate last year due to my mum being sick and work being insane. I don’t think that the entire month will be exclusive to just film-noir, as it was in 2017, but I’d like to put a real emphasis on it again, as there are still so many I need to watch and because I’m working on two potential books on the subject.

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