Comic Review: Punchline: Blood Sisters

Published: August 14th, 2019
Written by: Bill Williams
Art by: Brian Denham, Matthew Weldon, Tiago Barsa, Neeraj Menon

Antarctic Press, 124 Pages


This was a comic book that I backed on Indiegogo last year. I was mainly looking forward to it because the price wasn’t too high and the art looked fantastic just from the sample images I saw.

I was glad to finally get it, even though I was able to read the first issue collected in this trade paperback, as it was released back in May for Free Comic Book Day.

For the most part, I was pretty happy with Punchline. I’ll probably end up checking out whatever follows this story arc.

Ultimately though, this is the intro to what I’m assuming is an ongoing series or at least a comic with future miniseries or trades. That being said, a lot happens in this but because of that, the plot progression feels rushed at times.

Some things happen too fast without a proper build or added context. The teen girl who becomes a superhero seems way too eager and quick to jump into this lifestyle, especially after she has reservations over just about everything that happens once she gets her powers.

Her reservations are legitimate, as the plot moves along but I feel like she was quickly thrown into the role to get the story moving. I feel like we should’ve known more about her, her drive, her motivation, her backstory, etc. We learn about her brother’s death and it becomes an integral plot point but when it comes up, it’s just sort of thrown into the mix. But it’s hard to emotionally connect to what the hero is going through because it seemed like a random curveball.

Still, this was a good read. I especially loved the art and the character design. I’d like to see how this world develops over time.

Being that this is the first arc, it is a decent start to a series but it just needs a bit more fine tuning in regards to pacing and when and how to reveal specific plot details.

Rating: 6.5/10
Pairs well with: other recent female-led crowdfunded comics I’ve read like Blue Mamba and Flying Sparks.

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