Comic Review: Space Battleship Yamato – The Classic Collection

Published: April 9th, 2019
Written by: Leiji Matsumoto
Art by: Leiji Matsumoto

Seven Seas, 644 Pages


Being that I loved Star Blazers, as a kid, and that I just revisited the show because it’s been decades, I wanted to give the source material a read.

So when this complete collection dropped on Amazon recently, I had to get a copy. Plus, it was nice looking and a hardcover book. I also bought all three hardcover volumes of Captain Harlock, as well. Those will be reviewed in the near future.

Anyway, I’ve been a fan of everything I’ve seen that has been a product of Leiji Matsumoto’s mind and this manga is no different.

While this differs from the television series that was based on it, it was cool seeing where all these ideas, concepts and characters came from. Also, this has a little cameo in it by Captain Harlock, tying these two franchises by Matsumoto together.

This is a space opera of the highest caliber and a true manga classic. Each chapter was great and made me more invested in the overall story.

I really dug the hell out of Matsumoto’s artwork and his splash pages and spreads were all breathtaking. Sure, there are a lot of sequential pages without dialogue that are just full of action or the majestic body of the Yamato traveling through space but each and every one was superb and poster worthy.

I really loved this book. It’s stupendous from start to finish and if you’re a fan of Star Blazers you really should treat yourself to this original manga.

Rating: 9.25/10
Pairs well with: Matsumoto’s other manga work, such as Captain Harlock.

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