Comic Review: Exilium

Published: September 27th, 2018 – July 25th, 2019
Written by: Ben Slabak
Art by: Salomon Farias, Marc Sintes

Alterna Comics, 192 Pages


I’ve been a fan of a lot of Alterna’s comics. In fact, I subscribe to everything they release because you can’t beat the price and almost everything is quality.

This one didn’t resonate with me though.

I found that kind of surprising as I like sci-fi stories, especially involving war and drama. And this was also a pretty epic release for Alterna, as it was six issues, the finale was double sized and it took nearly a year for the entire arc to come out.

I think that the art didn’t pull me in. It was definitely competent, it just wasn’t a style that I liked. Frankly, I thought the art and the colors were kind of drab.

As far as the story went, I just couldn’t get myself to care about it.

So with those two main components not clicking in the right way, it made getting through 192 pages kind of a slog.

Now the majority of other reviews and comments I’ve seen about this series are fairly positive. Some people really dug the hell out of it.

But at this point, I’ve read a lot of Alterna’s stuff. Some of it isn’t my cup of tea but most series I still find something I enjoy in them. For instance, I would have never picked up Cyco KO on my own but it amused me and made me a fan.

Exilium aimed high and it was ambitious. In the end though, it just didn’t connect.

Rating: 5.25/10
Pairs well with: other sci-fi releases by Alterna Comics.