Comic Review: Wolverton: Thief of Impossible Objects, Issues #1-2

Published: 2018-2019
Written by: Michael Stark, Terrell T. Garrett
Art by: Derek Rodenbeck (Issue 1), Jackie Lewis (Issue 2)

44 Pages


What a refreshing comic book to read! I’m really glad that I backed this on Kickstarter awhile back and finally got my copies of this wonderfully fun comic.

It reminded me of the first time I read the Hawaiian Dick comic. Not that they’re all that similar but they both tap into a few genres and styles that are underrepresented in modern times while bringing them all together in a nice, near perfect package.

Wolverton is part Indiana Jones, part swashbuckler and part heist story. It is also set back in the day when the world was much cooler, much more stylish and seemingly, a lot more fun.

This comic captures all of these things well and it is an entertaining read on top of it.

I like the character, I love his quips and frankly, I’d love to see this on the big screen someday. And while it started as a film script, as many comics do, it maintains its cinematic feel and scope and displays as much imagination as the films of Spielberg and Lucas in their heyday.

Plus, Wolverton, the character, looks like a cross between Errol Flynn and Vincent Price, which gets a lot of bonus points from me, as both of those men are two of my favorite actors of all-time.

This has that old school Hollywood feel to it and it just feels special.

Additionally, the art is done by different people in both issues but I like both styles. They’re not too dissimilar but they hit the right notes and achieve the right sort of tone and vibe.

Crowdfunding can be risky but this was money well spent and when and if there is a third issue, I’ll be first in line to throw down my cheddar.

Rating: 8.75/10
Pairs well with: ’80s Indiana Jones comics, as well as swashbuckling comics.