Top 25 Marvel Movies I’d Like to See After ‘Endgame’

Now that Avengers: Endgame has come and gone and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we’ve known it is pretty much over, I’m not super enthused about the future.

However, Disney now owns Fox and this opens up a lot of new avenues for the MCU to travel.

It’s not that I couldn’t get excited for more MCU movies, it’s just that I need to feel inspired again. So with that, I thought that I’d create a list of the 25 movies I’d like to see Disney take a stab at.

Oh, I also added a list of 10 I don’t want to see.

The 25 I’d like to see:
1. Asgardians of the Galaxy (a.k.a. a Thor and Guardians team-up)
2. Fantastic Four with Doctor Doom
3. X-Men
4. Black Widow
5. Namor, the Sub Mariner
6. Killmonger
7. Sylvester Stallone Guardians of the Galaxy spinoff
8. Hawkeye (the Ronin years)
9. Silver Surfer including Galactus
10. a sidekicks movie (with War Machine, Falcon/New Captain America and Winter Solider)
11. The Eternals (if done correctly with the Celestials)
12. a Nebula and Gamora movie
13. Howard the Duck
14. Heroes for Hire (merging Luke Cage and Iron Fist and including Misty Knight, Colleen Wing and Jessica Jones)
15. a Charlie Cox Daredevil movie, also including Kingpin and Punisher
16. Inhumans (ignoring the dead on arrival ABC show)
17. Doctor Strange sequels with more Dormammu, possibly Nightmare and Mephisto
18. New Mutants, emphasis on Magik and Limbo
19. a Miles Morales Spider-Man spinoff
20. something with Kang the Conqueror as a villain
21. something with Annihilus as a villain
22. Thunderbolts with a proper Baron Zemo
23. Marvel’s Dracula, possibly featuring Blade
24. Man-Wolf but with his cosmic godlike powers from the ’70s, just some outer space sword and sorcery and high adventure
25. Nova

The 10 I’d prefer not to see:
1. Captain Marvel sequels, unless we get Monica Rambeau taking over
2. Deadpool sequels (unless he’s in an actual X-Force movie)
3. Valkyrie as a new Thor
4. anything involving the Phoenix Force (at least not for like a decade)
5. A-Force
6. Ms. Marvel (because stretchy arms and big fists will look cheesy as hell)
7. Wonder Man
8. Hercules
9. America Chavez
10. Gwenpool

One thought on “Top 25 Marvel Movies I’d Like to See After ‘Endgame’

  1. I know we’re all Avengers-ed out but I would love to see The Kang War turned into a movie. It was such an epic story arc where Kang actually won and briefly took over Earth before the world’s heroes managed to re-group and counter-attack. There were so many subplots and bits of character development going on as well.

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