Comic Review: Eric Henson’s Eden

Published: August 30th, 2018 – March 21st, 2019
Written by: Eric Henson
Art by: Eric Henson, Michael Babinski, Stephen Downer, Robert Doan

Alterna Comics, 112 Pages


Eric Henson’s Eden is a comic book series that really fits well within the Alterna Comics style. If you are a fan of Alterna, this comic should hit the mark for you.

The story follows a warrior woman who is searching for her lost son. She is joined by a badass alien and another human warrior. The trio fights off alien threats and some pretty scary and large space monsters.

Henson created an interesting universe that feels lived in and that has a rich history. This is kind of a small story within that large universe and this all sort of wraps up within the four issues but it makes me wonder if there are plans to tell other stories within this universe. I hope so.

I liked Henson’s art style and the colors were vivid and beautiful.

My only real complaint about this is the same complaint I have with most Alterna releases and that’s that even at four issues, I want more. Alterna doesn’t do any ongoing series but some miniseries get sequels and I feel like this is a comic book that could benefit from that.

But when it comes to creator owned comics, each title’s future is ultimately in the hands of its creator. So whether Eric Henson does additional Eden stories or gives us something else, I’ll still be interested in checking out what’s next.

Eden was a good read, though. Great art, good story, a few powerful moments and it created the desire for me, the reader, to want more.

Rating: 7.25/10
Pairs well with: other sci-fi releases by Alterna Comics.

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