Comic Review: Strike!

Published: 1987-1988
Written by: Chuck Dixon
Art by: Tom Lyle, Romeo Tanghal, Don Gidley

Eclipse Comics, 203 Pages


My review here covers Strike! issues 1 through 6, as well as the Strike! Vs. Sgt. Strike one-shot that capped off the story.

I wanted to read this, as I used to see Eclipse titles a lot when I was really young but I never picked them up because I was a Marvel/DC snob. Also, I’m a fan of Chuck Dixon and this was something he wrote early in his career before achieving greatness with BatmanThe Punisher and his epic run on G.I. Joe, a few years ago.

This comic was entertaining, energetic and colorful. I really liked it and it made me disappointed in my nine year-old self for sleeping on the indies in an era where there were so many great titles to choose from outside of BatmanSpider-ManX-Men and G.I. Joe.

The story follows a teenager living in the harshest parts of Baltimore. One of his best friends has become a major drug dealer in the community and other gangs tend to be a problem for the law abiding good people of the neighborhood. When the teen finds a special belt, hidden in his attic, it gives him super strength and physical invulnerability. Initially, he uses his powers to steal money from his drug dealer friend in an effort to better his and his mother’s lives. But ultimately, he grows, matures and becomes a hero.

The comic is an attempt at creating a modern adaptation of a public domain comic book character from the 1940s: Sgt. Strike. This was given a youthful, urban twist and some of the dialogue is kind of cringy in 2019 with the over the top street slang and for some pages having “faggot” on them every other panel. However, this is also a product of its time and colorful, expletive language helped sell comics to kids that mostly just had family friendly superheroes to choose from.

Strike! is a fun, late ’80s, action, crime, sci-fi story. There are gangsters, aliens and flashback stories to World War II featuring the original Sgt. Strike. It’s maybe even a bit ahead of its time as it sort of fits with the ’90s “extreme” edgy boy shit that ran rampant through comics a few years later.

What this made me realize, is that I need to pickup and review more titles from Eclipse.

Rating: 7/10
Pairs well with: other comics from Eclipse.