Comic Review: Cyboars

Published: August, 1996
Written by: Kenneth Smith, Kirk Smith
Art by: Frank Lopez

Vintage Comics, 22 Pages


The cover of Cyboars screams, “Fabulous First Issue” but the truth is, it was the only issue. Granted, there are two different covers for this one off comic book.

I’m not sure what the purpose of this was but it feels like a comic book tie-in to a failed toyline. It also plays off of the mutant animal craze that was born in the late ’80s with the runaway success of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While that franchise saw many imitators come and go, this one barely left a blip on the radar. In fact, it’s hard to find any real info on it.

Just going off of the comic book, I can see why this wasn’t successful. It feels extremely dated and cliche, even for the ’90s. It embraces all the ’90s comic book tropes that were popular a little earlier in the decade and the spirit of what this is trying to be is also late to the party.

The book is hard to read for a myriad of reasons. The ones that stick out the most are the bad lettering and the unrefined edgy boi ’90s art. It also doesn’t help that there is way too much dialogue and it’s hard enough to read with bad letter work.

In regards to the lettering, the font is bad and it is definitely a font and not hand lettered. Also, the layout within the word balloons is all wrong on almost every panel, as it doesn’t fill the space correctly and the text body is often times off center, causing letters to run into the edge of the balloons. I can’t imagine that this was manually set this way and it almost feels like a file error that no one caught at the printer but still, it got printed this way and it’s the editor’s job to catch that shit.

The story also uses a severe overabundance of edgy acronyms that we’re supposed to remember. Everything in this comic is pretty much named with an acronym. Well, except for the main “Cyboar” characters but their names a pretty cringeworthy on their own.

Seriously, these mutant animal heroes have names like Hog Kong, Chop Suey, Air Boar, Rabid Fire and Bush Hog. Sorry, but “bush hog” sounds really inappropriate. Not that I’m a language fascist but I guess it depends on what you’re trying to convey to kids.

I’ve been aware of this comic for years but never read it. I finally came across one at a comic book shop for one dollar. I figured, what the hell, I’ll check it out for a buck. I don’t regret it, it wasn’t totally a waste of one-hundred pennies but it also probably isn’t worth much more than that.

Rating: 4/10
Pairs well with: anything else with cyborg or mutant animals.

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