Comic Review: Zero Jumper

Published: March, 2018 – October, 2018
Written by: Patrick Mulholland
Art by: Patrick Mulholland

Alterna Comics, 128 Pages


Alterna Comics has had such a great track record of late, that I have been buying up every series that I can complete. Sometimes things are sold out and I’m missing issues here and there or creators leave Alterna over some weird Internet drama and I don’t really want to finish their comics.

Luckily, Zero Jumper was current and I was able to get all the issues to finish it with my most recent Alterna order.

These covers have all been pretty captivating and I was glad to round all four issues up, as I didn’t want to start the series until I had all of it. I’m generally a binge reader with comics, as I read so many and don’t want to forget details between the months stretching from issue one to issue four.

Anyway, the art in this comic is stellar. It reminded me of anime from the era when I watched it: the mid-’80s through the ’90s. It feels very Evangelion-esque in its style. I absolutely love the colors and it goes to show how greatly newsprint can be utilized in boosting colors and contrast. I truly love the look of this book.

As far as the story, it was pretty decent but it didn’t completely grab me. This was very action heavy overall, so there wasn’t as much narrative as the story might have needed. This is only a minor complaint though, as the series moved by pretty briskly and got to where it needed to go. I just didn’t feel as invested in the mission at hand, as I would’ve liked.

But this is still a solid effort, as Patrick Mulholland grows in his craft. Being that he wrote this and did the art, he was pulling double duty.

Rating: 7.25/10
Pairs well with: other recent Alterna Comics releases.