It’s Noirvember but I Can’t Celebrate This Year

Last year, when this site was still called Cinespiria (for those of you who have been around since the older days), I had a month long event in November called Noirvember. I celebrated the entire month with nothing but posts about film-noir: reviews, history, etc. It was a lot of fun.

However, I will not be doing Noirvember this year, at least for the whole month, as I have to take some time off starting next week. I’m really behind on content due to the real job, life itself and Red Dead Redemption II (full disclosure there).

Most importantly, I need to buckle down and get to work on another creative project. I’ve got three ideas for comic books but there is one in particular that needs to get written. I don’t know what this will mean in the long term but it keeps getting brushed aside, as all the free time I have is usually consumed by creating content for this site. In the end, the site doesn’t make money and its a hobby. It’s just not my only hobby and if things work out like I hope, the other hobby could make some money. Plus, this is something I’ve needed to do for awhile.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it but I’ll make another official announcement next week when I start my hiatus.

Ideally, I hope I am back before the end of the month and that I can put out some noir-centric content to celebrate Noirvember but I can’t promise that, noirficionados.