Comic Review: Metaphase

Published: 2015
Written by: Chip Reece
Art by: Kelly Williams, Peter Simeti

Alterna Comics, 66 Pages


Metaphase was originally released as a graphic novel in 2015 but was broken out into single issues and re-released this year.

I read the two single issues, the second of which was double-sized. I also read Metaphase #0 in digital format.

The story focuses on a boy with down syndrome. However, his father is a superhero in a similar vein to Superman. Ollie, the kid, wants to be like his father, as he deals with the challenges of being treated differently.

Ollie does get powers but it comes with a cost. His father loses his powers and a new villain is created. Ollie becomes Metaphase and must use his new powers to defeat the villain and save his dad.

Overall, this was a fun and uplifting read. All the characters were pretty well developed for only having a little bit of space to live and breathe.

I love that this jumped into complicated subject matter and showed that it doesn’t need to be so complicated. Ollie is a normal kid, despite down syndrome, and reminds us that he should be treated as such.

My only complaint is that this was rather short and it’s something that I would like to see continue on in hopefully a second miniseries or an ongoing one.

Rating: 7/10
Pairs well with: other Alterna Comics releases, especially Cyko KO and Amazing Age.